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Chapter 1906: Chapter 1906 taking her to eat kiln chicken


To be honest, she had always been brave. To be precise, she was quite brave. She was not afraid of many large animals, such as cats and dogs.

However, she was very afraid of some small animals, such as cockroaches, ants, and insects. So when she saw a green insect on the cabbage leaf, she was so scared that she took a few steps back. She did not even dare to pluck the cabbage.

Du Caiwei, who was standing beside her at that time, could not help but laugh when she saw her like that. She ran to the side and picked a small branch to pick a green insect and threw it at her. She was so scared that she did not even have time to run.

After so many years, she had come to Mount Qiniang to eat kiln chicken again. Although the people around her were no longer her father and Du Caiwei, she was still very afraid of insects. Therefore, when Zheng Zihao asked her to pick cabbages, she still did not dare to go over.

Zheng Zihao smiled and said, “what are you afraid of? The cabbages here are so beautiful. Take a look and choose yourself. If you like that one, then pick that one. The boss here is very familiar with me. He won’t charge US FOR IT. “

Fang Xiao looked at the cabbages. These cabbages indeed did not have as many bug eyes as they did a few years ago. It was likely that they were no longer pure natural. The boss must have used insecticides secretly.

In the end, Fang Xiao went to pluck two cabbages. The boss caught a walking chicken on the mountain and killed it. In the end, it was made into a kiln chicken. As for how the kiln chicken was made, Fang Xiao did not know.

Zheng Zihao originally wanted to eat the cabbages dry, but Fang Xiao stopped him. She said that this kind of pure natural cabbages should be stir-fried better, so it retained the original fragrance of the cabbages.

The kiln chicken and the cabbages were quickly served. They were indeed better than the food in the restaurants in the city, especially the stir-fried cabbages. The fragrance was something that the cabbages bought in the market usually did not have.

The kiln chicken was also very delicious. The chicken was freshly killed, and it was also a ground chicken. Therefore, the texture of the meat was particularly delicate, and the chicken meat in ordinary restaurants could not be compared to it.

The two of them ate for nearly two hours before they finished the dinner. During the course of the meal, there happened to be a full moon in the sky. Zheng Zihao was happy and could not help but ask the boss to bring the HAKKA yellow rice wine.

The northern region of Guangdong produced a lot of yellow rice wine, and Zheng Zihao was a local who liked to drink such wine. In fact, such wine was good for women, so he let Fang Xiao drink some.

Fang Xiao declined. She said that she could not hold her liquor, and most importantly, she was easily drunk. And the yellow wine here was also not known whether it was real or fake. What if she drank fake wine?

In the end, Zheng Zihao did not force her. He drank alone, while Fang Xiao drank cold tea to accompany him. The two of them drank and ate, so they used up a lot of time.

When they walked out of Mount Qiniang, it was already past 11 o’clock at night. hakka yellow wine was not supposed to be intoxicating, but Zheng Zihao drank too much alone, and actually drank one Jin. So when he walked down the mountain, he said that he was a little drunk.

Zheng Zihao was drunk and did not want to drive. He said that they could just stay at Mount Qiniang’s farmhouse for a night. Anyway, farmhouse was very cheap. Two rooms a night were only two to three hundred yuan, and the air on the mountain was fresh.

Fang Xiao did not dare to stay at Mount Qiniang, so she said to Zheng Zihao, “since you are drunk, then I will drive. You can sit in the passenger seat. “

Thus, Zheng Zihao’s car was finally handed over to Fang Xiao, and Zheng Zihao really sat in the passenger seat and acted like a GRANDPA.