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Chapter 1904: Chapter 1904: Fang Xiao, get the hell out here


Gu Chenchen was clearly stunned when she saw so many guests. This question had indeed stumped her. There were so many guests, and it would be rude of her to leave even though she was the host.

Meanwhile, Dongfang Yunheng turned around and left while Fang Xiao was stunned. He wasn’t the one who invited the guests here, so he didn’t bother to greet them. Moreover, this birthday party was organized by Gu Chenchen herself, and he wasn’t the one who organized it for her.

Dongfang Yunheng drove straight back to Yunxiao pavilion. However, due to bad luck, he encountered a traffic jam on the road, so he rushed back to Yunxiao pavilion an hour later.

He parked the car under Yunxiao pavilion and directly took the VIP elevator to the upper floor. When he used the key to open the door of his private suite on the 39th floor and found that it was pitch black inside, his heart instinctively sank.

Fang Xiao, this damn woman, no, this audacious woman, has she not returned yet, or did she not leave a light for him?

They had been living together for more than two months. Although they did not live together every day, he had a lot of things to do and had to travel occasionally. It was not particularly convenient for him to stay in her dormitory.

However, ever since he had lived with her, she would leave a light for him regardless of whether he returned or not. Therefore, even if he came back in the early morning, he could see that the light in the living room was on when he opened the door.

There was no light in the room, and he was too impatient to turn it on. Hence, he walked forward in the dark, wanting to go into the bedroom. However, the light was always on. Today, Meng Di was walking in the dark, and it was really not smooth. His feet tripped on the dining chair He threw himself forward and fell to the ground.

Dongfang Yunheng was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He struggled to get up from the ground and kicked the dining chair that tripped him in the dark. He cursed fiercely, “go to hell, what rubbish is this? “

It was all that Damn woman, Fang Xiao, and she was his part-time worker. How did she clean the room, and even put the dining chair in the middle of the aisle Did she know what a housekeeper was?

Dongfang Yunheng fumbled his way to the wall and turned on the lights. Although it was his suite, he rarely stayed here in the past. He and Fang Xiao had moved here not long ago, and he usually left early and returned late Therefore, he was actually not familiar with this place as Fang Xiao was.

After a long time, he finally felt for the switch on the wall. He pressed it with a little force, and the lights in the room finally lit up. It was so bright that it looked like a speeding car to him in the darkness just now.

He covered his eyes with his hand and adjusted slightly. Only then did he realize that the dining chair had not moved at all and was still in its original position. It was just that he had not found the right direction when he walked in the darkness just now.

Well, it seemed that there was a woman in this house. He did not need to do anything every time he came. Gradually, he did not know where these things were placed.

He glared at the dining chair that had just tripped him. In the end, he resigned himself to fate and turned around. He walked in the direction of the bedroom. The bedroom door was tightly shut. The woman was probably already sleeping inside.

Well, this woman had clearly sold herself to him. This woman was now his part-time worker. She ate, lived, and slept with him all day. Occasionally, she slept with him. Now, her temper was even worse than his.

He was extremely frustrated. He opened the door with his hands and walked in. Before he reached the window, he shouted loudly, “Fang Xiao, get off the bed! “