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Chapter 1902: Chapter 1902, a man in a trench


When she told her cousin about this matter, her cousin had asked her if Dongfang Yunheng was sick She had suspected this before, but recently, she had stopped suspecting it because Dongfang Yunheng actually lived with Fang Xiao.

Originally, she was not in the mood to have a party on this birthday because Dongfang Yunheng had been particularly cold to her recently. However, in order to carry out her pregnancy plan, she had no choice but to prepare for such a party.

On such a night with so many people, it would be very easy for her to have a glass of wine with Dongfang Yunheng. However, in such an environment, getting him drunk and then having drunken sex with him was a logical thing to do.

Therefore, if Dongfang Yunheng wanted to leave at this moment, she naturally wouldn’t let him go. This was because she had to seize this opportunity tonight. She had to take down Dongfang Yunheng in one fell swoop. The next two days were coincidentally when she was ovulating, so she would strive to win the lottery tonight.

Dongfang Yunheng looked at Gu Chenchen and then at many of the guests. To be honest, many of them were acquaintances. He had always been a heartless person. In fact, he never cared about what others thought of him.

In fact, he had originally wanted to break up with Gu Chenchen tonight, but who knew that the woman who was unwilling to be lonely, Fang Xiao, would actually come. Moreover, looking at the way she and Zheng Zihao looked, it was obvious that they were a couple. This made him very angry.

Unfortunately, he had just come back with Gu Chenchen arm in arm. Before he entered the hall, he saw Zheng Zihao leave with Fang Xiao. It was obvious that the two of them wanted to find a place where no one could disturb them to have a romantic relationship.

Fang Xiao and Zheng Zihao had left. He felt that it was meaningless for him to walk arm in arm with Gu Chenchen. Therefore, he took advantage of the time when Gu Chenchen was chatting with others to send a message to his sister, Mu Yao, asking her to call him immediately He said that there was an urgent matter at home and asked him to go back.

As expected, Mu Yao was from the same trench as him. She called him in less than five minutes, but he answered the call in front of Gu Chenchen. Then, Mu Yao said on the phone that grandma Wang’s asthma was acting up and asked him to go back quickly.

After answering the call, he immediately said to Gu Chenchen, “Chenchen, I’ll go back first. Grandma Wang’s asthma is acting up. I went to Shanghai a few days ago to help her bring pear ointment. I have to rush to send it to her now. “

Although Gu Chenchen was extremely unwilling to let Dongfang Yunheng leave because if he did, her plan would be ruined tonight, but grandma Wang’s asthma was acting up, so she could not not let Dongfang Yunheng rush back.

Grandma Wang was not Dongfang Yunheng’s grandmother, and Dongfang Yunheng’s grandmother had passed away before Dongfang Yunheng’s father got married, so Dongfang Yunheng had never met his own grandmother.

In fact, the so-called grandmother Wang was the nanny of Dongfang Yunheng’s mother, Xi Muru. It was said that Xi Muru was raised by this grandmother Wang, so Xi Muru had always treated this grandmother Wang as her own mother Therefore, Dongfang Yunheng and his siblings called this mother Wang Grandmother Wang.

She could not force Dongfang Yunheng to stay, so she said to him considerately, “well, Yunheng, wait for me. I’ll go change my clothes and then accompany you to see grandmother Wang. “

“There’s no need. ” Dongfang Yunheng immediately stopped her Then he looked at the room full of guests and said, “look at so many of your guests. Everyone is here to help you celebrate your birthday, and you’re the birthday star today. Do you have the nerve to leave so many guests behind at this time? “