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Chapter 1899: Chapter 1899 we haven’t seen each other for a long time


Fang Xiao instinctively avoided Dongfang Yunheng’s gaze and turned to look at Zheng Zihao beside her. She secretly took a deep breath to calm herself down Then, she calmly said, “well, go over and say hello to master. There are many people here, and I feel a little dizzy. “

“Oh, that’s good. ” Zheng Zihao also saw that Dongfang Yunheng’s gaze was a little strange, but he did not think of anything else. Moreover, Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen were fianc��s, weren’t they?

Fang Xiao originally thought that Zheng Zihao’s words were good. He was the only one who went to greet Gu Chenchen. However, she did not expect that Zheng Zihao did not let go of her hand. Instead, he took her with him.

When she was about to walk in front of Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen, she struggled a little. In fact, she did not want to go with Zheng Zihao. However, Zheng Zihao held her hand very tightly. He did not give her any chance to break free.

“It’s just your former boss. What are you afraid of? ” Zheng Zihao could clearly sense her fear He could not help but cheer her up. “Don’t worry. Yun Heng May look cold on the surface and is different from his younger brother’s sunshine type, but he won’t eat people. “

Fang Xiao’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this. Dongfang Yunheng had a twin brother, Dongfang Yun. She had heard of this before, but Dongfang Yunheng had never mentioned it in front of her. She did not expect Zheng Zihao to mention it.

Therefore, Fang Xiao first knew that Dongfang Yunzai was a sunshine type. Of course, this was what Zheng Zihao told her. Later, when she saw the man who looked exactly like Dongfang Yunheng in the distant past, when she saw him.. Only then did she know what kind of ‘sunshine’ he was.

Zheng Zihao brought Fang Xiao to Dongfang Yunheng very quickly. Tonight was Gu Chenchen’s birthday, and as Gu Chenchen’s fianc��, Dongfang Yunheng should be by Gu Chenchen’s side as a matter of course.

“Chenchen, Happy Birthday! ” Zheng Zihao took out the gift that he had long prepared and handed it over. At the same time, he handed over a polite sentence. “Chenchen is getting younger and prettier. This is all thanks to Yun Heng. “

Dongfang Yunheng’s face was indifferent before this, but now because Fang Xiao was already gloomy in front of him, Gu Chenchen’s face had a blissful smile. That smile was as brilliant as her rose-red gown.

“Aiya, this is Miss Fang, right? ” Gu Chenchen seemed to have just seen Fang Xiao at this moment. Regardless of whether it was on her face or in her eyes, there was a cordial smile. Her tone was gentle as she said, “Miss Fang, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. How have you been recently? “

“thank you for your concern. Everything is fine. ” Fang Xiao’s voice was indifferent. She was very unaccustomed to Gu Chenchen’s pretentious expression and voice. She could not help but look at the man beside Gu Chenchen. Presumably.. Only a man like Dongfang Yunheng would like a woman like Gu Chenchen, right?

“That’s good. ” Gu Chenchen’s voice was still very warm. The moment she retracted her gaze, she looked at Fang Xiao’s chest as if she had discovered a new continent She could not help but exclaim in shock, “Aiya, isn’t this the family heirloom of the Zheng Family? Zihao, is there a deeper meaning behind putting this on Miss Fang? “

Dongfang Yunheng followed Gu Chenchen’s voice and saw that Fang Xiao was wearing a necklace around her neck. That necklace was indeed somewhat familiar. He seemed to have seen it somewhere before, but he could not remember it for a while.