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Chapter 1897: Chapter 1897, can I not go


“alright then, no makeup then, ” Zheng Zihao saw Fang Xiao’s insistence and looked at her bespectacled face. It was fresh and natural. Even without makeup, it was still radiant, much better looking than many women who had put on makeup.

The designer saw that Fang Xiao refused to put on makeup and Zheng Zihao did not ask for more, so he followed Fang Xiao’s advice and helped her get a simple hairstyle. Then, he applied some lipstick on her lips to increase the brightness of the color.

In the end, Fang Xiao wore this light purple dress with a sling, and a pair of white high-heeled sandals on her feet. In order to save her delicate neck, Zheng Zihao took a necklace and put it on her.

Zheng Zihao only said that he was going to take her to a dinner party, but he didn’t say who he was going to attend, nor did he say what kind of dinner party he was going to attend. Fang Xiao instinctively thought that the place Zheng Zihao was going to take her to was probably a business party or something.

However, when Zheng Zihao’s car drove toward the most famous villa community in Binhai, the one near the lake, and when she saw Zheng Zihao’s car drive into the other gate near the lake, she couldn’t help but feel nervous An ominous premonition quickly rose in her heart.

Human premonitions were sometimes very effective, and although Fang Xiao’s premonition this time was not 100% effective, it was still 50% effective.

When Zheng Zihao’s car drove into the lakeside villa, she was thinking whether it would go to the villa in the center of the lake, or whether it would go to the top-class Villa that she had to clean the next day.

However, when Zheng Zihao’s car drove past the villa in the center of the lake and headed up the mountain, her heart, which was at the edge of her throat, gradually returned to her heart. Finally, she was sure that it was not going to Dongfang Yunheng’s villa.

However, her heart that had returned to her heart was in vain because when Zheng Zihao’s car stopped in front of a villa at the highest point of the pure villa community, when she got out of the car, she saw the low-profile luxury Huiteng car and saw the familiar license plate number She immediately knew that he was inside, and this was not a business banquet.

She did not know exactly how many cars Dongfang Yunheng had, but she knew of two. One was a maybach worth tens of millions, and the other was a Huiteng car worth more than two million.

Zheng Zihao saw her standing there in a daze and quickly walked over. He couldn’t help but ask with concern, “what’s wrong? “

“I… Feel a little uncomfortable. ” Fang Xiao instinctively found an excuse, and then quickly asked, “about that… can I not go in? “

Zheng Zihao instinctively glared at her and said in a bad mood, “what do you think? I’m already at the door. If I don’t go in, what will people say about me? “


Fang Xiao was immediately speechless. She thought for a moment and then said in a low voice, “I only said I won’t go in, I didn’t say… “

“You came with me. If you don’t go in, of course I can’t go in, ” Zheng Zihao immediately interrupted her Then, he thought for a moment and said, “then how about this? Let’s go in for a while. It’s just to say hello to the owner and show that I’ve been here before. Then, the two of us will leave, okay? “

Fang Xiao nodded. It seemed that this was the only way. Zheng Zihao had bought her a dress that cost over a thousand yuan. If he didn’t go in with her in this dress to show his face, then wouldn’t his money go down the drain?

Thus, she held Zheng Zihao’s arm and walked with her to this noble single-family villa. Just as they entered the courtyard door, they heard laughter coming from inside. Through the spacious glass door, they could vaguely see the fragrance of the clothes inside There were many people, so there must be quite a number of people.