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Chapter 1895: Chapter 1895: I must wear glasses


He knew that Dongfang Yunheng had a mansion in this famous Jiangnan City. Now that Fang Xiao said that she was visiting a friend, he wondered if the friend she was talking about was Dongfang Yunheng?

“Yes, a friend of mine lives in a famous Jiangnan city. ” Fang Xiao was relaxed now. Anyway, it was not illegal to tell such a harmless little lie, so she simply lied.

“Then, have you finished visiting your friend? ” Zheng Zihao glanced at the 19th floor of Building d almost instinctively. If he remembered correctly, Dongfang Yunheng should live on the 19th floor of Building D.

“I have already finished visiting. ” Fang Xiao deliberately glanced at a building because she had just passed through a building. This made it seem like her friend lived in a building.

Zheng Zihao did not dwell on her friend’s matter with her Instead, he went along with her words and said, “since you have finished visiting your friend, then accompany me to a banquet. This banquet requires a female companion. I am having a headache tonight. Where can I find a female companion? “

“Ah? ” Fang Xiao clearly let out an AH, and then quickly rejected, “that won’t do. I still have other things to do. You’d better… “

“Fang Xiao, what is the meaning of this? ” Zheng Zihao was obviously unhappy He could not help but complain, “We are classmates. When you fainted, I was the one who sent you to the hospital. Now that I need your help, you actually disregard the friendship between classmates? “

When Fang Xiao heard Zheng Zihao say this, she immediately could not say anything more. She did not forget that last year, at Gu Chenchen’s uncle’s birthday party, she was knocked out by Qiu Yitang with a single slap. It was Zheng Zihao who carried her to the hospital.

There was a saying that one should repay the kindness of others with a drop of water. However, Zheng Zihao did not repay her with a drop of water. Instead, it was equivalent to saving her life. That was because the doctor said that if the delivery was late, the bleeding would take a long time She did not know if the consequences would be more serious.

Hence, she sighed and said helplessly, “alright then. As long as you do not think that I am ugly and that I am standing by your side and making you feel embarrassed, then I do not care. Isn’t it just being your female companion for once? “

Zheng Zihao immediately became happy when he heard Fang Xiao’s words He came over and pulled her hand as he walked towards the gate of Jiangnan’s famous city. He said excitedly, “don’t worry, you’re not ugly at all. Of course, if you don’t wear glasses and expose your big eyes, you’ll be even more beautiful. “

“I have to wear glasses, ” Fang Xiao immediately said righteously Then, he quickly added, “I was in a miscarriage last year and didn’t sit properly during the pregnancy. I got wind and now my eyes are Sandy. If I don’t wear glasses, when the wind blows, my eyes will shed tears. “

“Is that so? ” Zheng Zihao couldn’t help but look at her eyes twice. Because Fang Xiao was wearing tea-colored glasses, he couldn’t see Fang Xiao’s eyes clearly.

“Yes, ” Fang Xiao answered seriously, because she couldn’t let Zheng Zihao know that she only had one eye. Although, now Qiu Yitang and Dongfang Yunheng already knew.

“Well, you can wear glasses if you wear glasses. ” Zheng Zihao was a little helpless, and then added, “but you look very good with glasses. “


Fang Xiao was speechless. She knew that Zheng Zihao had deliberately said this so that she could be his female companion. When a man said that a woman was good-looking or beautiful, the general credibility was not high, not to mention that she was wearing glasses Therefore, she took Zheng Zihao’s words as a compliment.