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Chapter 1890: Chapter 1890 the two who were stuck on the road


This large global shopping mall was not very far from Dongfang Yunheng’s Yunxiao Pavilion. Usually, it was only a ten-minute drive. However, today, they encountered the rush hour when they left the shopping mall, so they were stuck on the road.

“there seems to be a collision up ahead. ” Dongfang Yunheng was a little annoyed as he tapped the steering wheel with his hand. “seriously, I haven’t even eaten lunch today. “

Dongfang Yunheng indeed did not eat lunch because he was on a business trip in Shanghai. In fact, he went to the branch office to do some work. In the morning, he drank a cup of soy milk and ate two sticks of King’s order. In the morning, he was busy holding a meeting for the executives of the branch office In the afternoon, he rushed to the airport to catch the plane.

Of course, lunch was delivered on the plane, but he had never liked the food on the plane, so he did not eat it directly, saving the airline a lunch.

He picked up Fang Xiao in the afternoon and brought her to the mall, thinking that she would go back and personally cook a delicious meal for him to eat. However, who knew that after buying a bunch of things, he would be stuck on the road in the end. In front of him was a motionless traffic line.

Fang Xiao looked at the motionless traffic line in front and could only sigh. She could not help but mutter to herself, “I haven’t eaten anything today. If I keep this up until night, won’t I starve people to death? “

“Ah, you haven’t eaten anything today? ” Dongfang Yunheng was shocked when he heard Fang Xiao’s words. He could not help but ask, “then what have you been doing all day? Why haven’t you eaten anything? “

“I woke up in the morning. “. “I woke up a little late, ” Fang Xiao explained calmly. “I took my brother to haagen-dazs ice cream shop at noon to eat cake. Unfortunately, I met Qiu Yitang, and then I took my brother back to school. After that, you went outside the school to find me. “

Dongfang Yunheng was convinced by her. Well, the two people who hadn’t eaten were stuck in the road, but the ingredients in the car were all raw. Even if they wanted to eat, they couldn’t.

Therefore, Fang Xiao got out of the car window and looked outside. She found the Tianjin Goubuli steamed bun shop not far away, so she opened the door and got out of the car. She ran to the steamed bun shop naturally.

Fortunately, it was not very far, less than 50 meters away. She went to buy two steamed buns. Fortunately, the price was not expensive, only one yuan per steamed bun. She had a lot of change on her, which was saved by the bus.

She bought two buns and put them in a white plastic bag. After getting on the bus, she handed them to Dongfang Yunheng. “Do you want to eat them to fill your stomach? If you don’t, I’ll eat them alone. “

Dongfang Yunheng hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he took the Bun. In fact, he had never eaten anything from roadside stalls. It was very unhygienic, so even in New Jersey six years ago, he was so poor But he still ate fast food in a regular fast food restaurant.

He took the Bun and didn’t immediately put it in his mouth. He just held it in his hand. Fang Xiao was really hungry, so she took the Bun and stuffed it into her mouth, eating it in big mouthfuls.

Actually, this bun was not bad. It was just that there was a lot of fat in the Bun. Of course, a bun that cost only one yuan per bun. If there was a lot of lean meat, the owner would probably lose money, and the fat meat was always cheaper.

As for the buns with more fat and less lean meat, if you ate too much of it, it might be greasy. However, if you ate it once in a while, you would feel that it was more fragrant than a bun with pure lean meat, and it would be softer in your mouth.