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Chapter 1889: Chapter 1889 had the same thing


Fang Xiao glanced at him and immediately stopped picking edamame. She immediately used her hands to fill the bag. Well, anyway, Dongfang Yunheng was a rich man. He didn’t care that she had spent a lot of money to buy a lot of edamame that couldn’t be peeled out.

After buying edamame, she went to buy green leafy vegetables. There were a lot of green leafy vegetables. Fang Xiao looked at it and took a handful of the emperor’s dish. She asked Dongfang Yunheng, “how about buying the emperor’s dish tonight? “

“No, ” Dongfang Yunheng refused without even thinking. “I don’t like the taste of the emperor’s dish. I want to eat the vegetable heart. The vegetable heart is delicious. “

Fang Xiao immediately put down the emperor’s dish and turned around to look at the vegetable heart. However, the vegetable heart today was really not worthy of praise. It had been picked so badly that only a rotten one was left.

“I don’t think I can pick out the vegetable heart. ” Fang Xiao looked at Dongfang Yunheng and said somewhat helplessly, “why don’t you buy some dragon beard vegetables? I’ll give you some cold dragon beard vegetables later. “

Dongfang Yunheng did not say anything more. Fang Xiao only took it as his agreement, so she took some dragon beard vegetables and put them in the shopping cart. This way, there would be two meat dishes and one vegetable dish. The rest would be soup.

Fang Xiao originally wanted to be simple. She wanted to buy a tomato and two or three eggs. When she went back, she could boil a tomato egg flower soup. However, Dongfang Yunheng said he didn’t want to drink the tomato egg flower soup.

In the end, she went to the place that sold fish. She bought two small crucian carps and a white radish. Fang Xiao said she was going back to boil silver thread crucian carps soup, so he didn’t say anything.

They didn’t buy a lot of ingredients, but the pots and pans were connected. The shopping cart was filled to the brim. The two pushed the shopping cart and went to the cashier to line up to pay the bill.

When they were in line, Fang Xiao looked around to see if Dongfang Yunheng’s mother was still in the mall. Unfortunately, she didn’t see Mrs. Dongfang again until Dongfang Yunheng paid the bill and left.

She bought a lot of pots and pans, including firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea. After paying the bill, she used the shopping cart to push it directly to the underground parking lot. The trunk couldn’t fit it, and there were even some piled up in the back seat.

When Dongfang Yunheng started the car, he looked at these things and sighed. “I used to only know how to sit at the dining table and eat, but I never thought that a kitchen would need so many things. “

Fang Xiao took the opportunity to mock him for being a rich Man’s son who did not know how to live a normal life. Presumably, he would usually be the one who opened his mouth to eat at home, right Did he know whether to pour the dishes or put the oil in first?

They bought more than 4,000 dollars worth of kitchen equipment, and the sales lady gave them two love pillows as promised. Fang Xiao looked at the two pillows in the car and then said to Dongfang Yunheng, “one for each of us, how about it? “

“If you like it, then take it. Anyway, it’s all in the Yunxiao pavilion. We both live there, so what’s the point of separating us? ” Yun Heng felt that Fang Xiao’s words were a little funny, and he even turned his head to look at her meaningfully while driving.

“Of course, it has to be divided between you and me. ” Fang Xiao insisted on her own opinion. She hugged one pillow in her arms and threw the other pillow onto the back seat. Then, she said indifferently, “it’s settled then. One pillow for each person. “

Dongfang Yunheng saw that she insisted, so he did not say anything more. Moreover, he still liked her distribution method very much. Although it was said that each person had a pillow, at least he had the same thing as her.