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Chapter 1887: Chapter 1887 meeting Mrs. Dongfang by chance


“I’m here to buy things. ” Fang Xiao frowned slightly when she heard the noblewoman’s words. She was not someone who belonged to her, so why did she have to ask so many questions.

“Buy Things? ” The noblewoman’s eyes obviously looked at Fang Xiao from left to right. She frowned and asked, “who did you come to this supermarket with? “

Fang Xiao instinctively felt disgusted when she heard the noblewoman’s words. What did this noblewoman mean? Did she treat her as a criminal and interrogate her Moreover, why did she tell her who she came with?

Moreover, so what if she was Dongfang Yunheng’s mother Dongfang Yunheng was an adult, not a baby. Her Mother did not have the right to care who he went to the supermarket with, right?

Thus, Fang Xiao said indifferently, “Mrs. Dongfang, I don’t think I need to report who I came with to you, right? “

The lady was obviously stunned. Just as she was about to speak again, she heard footsteps behind her. She immediately turned her head to the side, pretending that she had not spoken to Fang Xiao.

Seeing the noblewoman like this, Fang Xiao immediately turned around and walked away. The moment she turned around, she realized that a woman around the same age as the noblewoman was walking towards her, but she looked more elegant than the noblewoman.

Presumably, they were all friends of the noblewoman. She was not interested in this Mrs. Dongfang, so she was even less interested in her friends. Therefore, she immediately walked quickly towards the laundry area, thinking that she would not use this tunnel when she returned to the elevator.

However, when she walked towards the laundry area, she felt as if there was a pair of eyes staring at her from behind. She did not turn around, but in fact, she did not dare to turn around either. After all, she and Dongfang Yunheng had an unspeakable relationship.

In order not to bump into Dongfang Yunheng’s mother when she went back, she lingered for a while in the laundry area. After about 15 minutes, she took two bottles of laundry supplies and walked towards the escalator entrance. This time, she chose a passageway that leaned against the wall However, she did not meet that noblewoman again.

Dongfang Yunheng was still waiting for her at the escalator entrance. When he saw that she had only returned after a long time, he could not help but mutter, “you too. You took so long to buy laundry supplies. I thought you were going to choose a flower? “

Fang Xiao rolled her eyes at him and said Snappily, “I’m a poor person. I have to carefully choose everything I buy. I want the quality to be good and the price to be reasonable. Do you think that everyone is as rich as you and only buys the expensive ones? Not The right ones? “

Dongfang Yunheng immediately fell silent. Well, he knew that this woman could live a good life. It seemed that a man was lucky to find a woman who could live a good life. Therefore, he could not say anything about his woman’s meticulous planning.

The two of them went to the first floor again. It was evening now, and there were gradually more people in the vegetable section because some housewives who had just gotten off work had already come to the supermarket to buy ingredients for tonight.

At this time, a large piece of fresh vegetables was served. Fang Xiao stood in the middle of the aisle and pushed Dongfang Yunheng who was beside her with her hand. “Hey, are you done looking? What exactly are you going to buy to eat tonight? “

“well… I don’t know what to buy either. ” Dongfang Yunheng scratched his hair with his hand and looked at Fang Xiao as if he was a little embarrassed …

To be honest, his cooking experience was only six years ago when he got to know Fang Xiao in New Jersey. However, at that time, it was almost impossible to buy Chinese ingredients abroad. Moreover, at that time, the two of them were students who took classes during the day and worked at night They usually ate American fast food to satisfy their hunger, and almost never cooked a proper meal.