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Chapter 1880: Chapter 1880 brother-in-law died a long time ago


“Here, happy birthday, Chen Chen! ” Qiu Yitang had already handed the transformer to Fang Chen as he spoke, and Fang Xiao was standing in the middle.

Fang Xiao reacted the moment Fang Chen caught the transformer. She quickly stretched out her hand and snatched the transformer away, then stuffed it into Qiu Yitang’s hand.

“Qiu Yitang, thank you for your kindness, but we poor people can’t afford your gift. You should take it back and give it to the woman you love. No, save it for the woman you love to give birth to your child in the future. ” Fang Xiao’s tone was indifferent and distant However, there was an unusual firmness that could not be questioned.

“Fang Xiao, this gift is not for you, but for Fang Chen. ” Qiu Yitang saw Fang Xiao’s attitude He could not help but explain in a low voice, “today is Fang Chen’s 15th birthday. He has wanted a transformer for a long time. I’m just… “

“How do you know that Fang Chen has wanted a transformer for a long time? ” Fang Xiao immediately interrupted Qiu Yitang’s words. Her face immediately darkened and she could not help but ask coldly, “when did you get together with Fang Chen? “

“brother-in-law came to see me twice at school, ” Fang Chen answered before Qiu Yitang did, and added happily, “brother-in-law always brings gifts for Chen Chen. “

Hearing Fang Chen’s words, Fang Xiao’s heart was burning with anger. She reached out to grab Fang Chen’s hand and walked out of the haagen-dazs ice cream shop, because it was definitely not good to quarrel in the human world shop.

Qiu Yitang was slightly stunned. He looked at the transformer in his hand, and then walked out. He thought that Fang Xiao must have misunderstood him again, thinking that he was going to find Fang Chen to do something.

“Chen Chen, he is not your brother-in-law. ” In the Sun Department Store Square, Fang Xiao pointed at Qiu Yitang and said to her brother, “remember, you don’t have a brother-in-law now. “

“But… ” Fang Chen scratched his head with his hand. He thought for a moment and then asked, “I remember that my sister said that she had a brother-in-law a long time ago. I think I went to his house? “

“My brother-in-law died a long time ago. ” Fang Xiao knew that she couldn’t explain it to her brother in more detail, so she found the simplest way Then she pointed at Qiu Yitang and said, “in short, Chen Chen, you have to remember that this person is not your brother-in-law. He is a liar and a great evil man. He is… “

Fang Xiao could not continue speaking until here. She thought of all the things she had done with Qiu Yitang, the things he had done to her and the Fang family, and the fact that he still did not intend to let her and her brother off. Her heart hurt so much that she could not speak.

“Ah, he is a liar and a great evil man? ” When Fang Chen heard Fang Xiao say this and saw her sister’s pained face, he immediately understood and could not help but ask, “then isn’t he a great devil? “

“Yes, he is a great devil. ” Fang Xiao followed her brother’s words and pulled his hand As she walked towards the bus stop, she whispered to him, “Chen Chen, in the future, when this person comes to visit you at the special school, ignore him. Later, I will go to the security room at the entrance of your school and inform them not to inform you when this person comes to visit you in the future. “

“Oh. ” Fang Chen lowered her head sadly. After a long while, she whispered again, “but, he also gave me a gift twice. I… “

“throw away the gifts. Don’t accept them. ” Fang Xiao quickly cut off her brother’s words. Seeing Fang Chen’s sad face, she paused for a moment Then, she used her hand to hold his hand and said, “Chen Chen, in the future, I will buy a lot of gifts for you. When I earn a lot of money, I will buy them for Chen Chen, okay? “