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Chapter 1879: Chapter 1879: brother-in-law is here


The storybook that Fang Xiao brought was a brave boy. She was reading it to Fang Chen beside her in a low voice when she heard a slightly familiar voice, “is the ice cream cake I ordered ready? “

She raised her head almost instinctively, and a slightly familiar figure appeared in her line of sight. She almost instinctively froze, because she did not expect to meet Dongfang Yunheng’s mother, Mrs. Dongfang, in this place.

Although she had only met Dongfang Yunheng’s mother twice, once in New Jersey five years ago in the United States, and the other time at Uncle Gu Chenchen’s family dinner last year, but these two times.. It was enough for her to recognize her with such a back view.

She immediately turned her head back and sat slightly in Fang Chen’s direction. She lowered her head in Fang Chen’s direction and stopped reading fairy tales, because she was worried that Mrs. Dongfang would look in her direction when she heard her voice.

Fortunately, she did not. The shop assistant over there answered Mrs. Dongfang’s words and seemed to have made it. Then, when she handed the cake to her, she wished her a happy meal while also welcoming her next visit.

Fang Xiao kept her head down and did not even dare to breathe loudly. It was not until the sound of high heels disappeared from the entrance of haagen-dazs ice cream shop that she finally dared to let out a long breath and raise her head.

The ice cream birthday cake was served half an hour later. It was only a pound and very small. However, the words “happy birthday, Fang Chen” written in white chocolate were very clear and could be seen at a glance.

Fang Chen was as excited as a child. He shouted that he wanted to light candles and sing a birthday song. Fang Xiao could not persuade him, so she called the waiter over and asked him to help turn off the lights on their seats for two minutes. She wanted to celebrate her brother’s birthday.

The shop assistant was very enthusiastic. She immediately turned off the lights on their seats. Then, two shop assistants came over. Fang Xiao Sang Fang Chen’s birthday song together and wished him a happy birthday.

There were two small number candles jumping on the cake. One was the number 1, and the other was the number 5. Together, they meant 15, which meant Fang Chen’s 15th birthday.

Fang Chen was so happy that he immediately wanted to share the birthday cake with the two shop assistants. The shop assistants immediately declined and said they wished them a happy birthday before leaving.

Because it was Fang Chen’s birthday, he insisted on cutting the birthday cake himself. Fang Xiao allowed him to do so, so he took a plastic knife and cut it. Fortunately, it was easy to cut the cake under the cake. In fact, he only cut the birthday cake in half.

“sister, eat the cake. ” Fang Chen placed the cake on the paper plate in front of Fang Xiao. Fang Xiao picked up the cake and first used a fork to fork a piece to Fang Chen’s mouth. She watched Fang Chen eat happily.

Fang Chen followed her lead and immediately fork a piece of cake from his plate to Fang Xiao’s mouth. Fang Xiao immediately opened her mouth and ate it in one bite.

The siblings happily fed each other the cake. Just as they were enjoying their meal, Fang Chen raised his head and saw a person standing next to them. He couldn’t help but call out excitedly, “brother-in-law! “

Fang Xiao was stunned by Fang Chen calling him brother-in-law. After a while, she turned around and realized that Qiu Yitang was standing next to them, and he was holding a large transformer in his hand.

“brother-in-law, are you giving this transformer to me? ” Fang Chen put down the plate in his hand. He didn’t care about the melted ice cream in his hand and immediately reached out to take the large transformer in Qiu Yitang’s hand.