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Chapter 1878: Chapter 1878: her brother’s birthday


It was August 19th, her brother Fang Chen’s birthday. She had already arranged her work two days in advance. She was just waiting for the day to be free to pick Fang Chen up from the special school. Then, the siblings would go out for dinner together.

Although Fang Chen’s iq was low and it was impossible for him to do accounting, his memory was not bad. Moreover, he had learned a lot of words at the special school and could write letters recently.

Yesterday afternoon, Fang Chen had called her and said that today was his birthday. He wanted to celebrate his birthday with his sister and asked Fang Xiao to pick him up from school today.

Half a month had passed in the blink of an eye since Fang Xiao had gone to watch Fang Chen’s basketball game. She had not gone to see her brother again, so she had finished her work this morning and left in a hurry.

She had originally thought that she could play with Fang Chen for a day, but when she rushed to the special school, the basketball coach told her that Fang Chen would be participating in training at night. Because there was a bigger game a week later, Fang Chen could go out during the day However, she had to return to school before four in the afternoon.

Therefore, Fang Xiao could only sigh. Her brother’s 15th birthday, his parents were long gone, and she was the only sister. She wanted to spend a good birthday with him, but because of training, she could only play for half a day.

Fang Chen was already very tall, but his iq and personality were still like that of a child. Therefore, for this birthday, his biggest wish was to buy a birthday cake, and it was an ice cream birthday cake.

Regarding this, Fang Xiao generously agreed. Fang Chen usually ate in the school cafeteria, and almost never ate outside. Although the food in the cafeteria was not bad, anything eaten for a long time would be disgusting.

When Fang Xiao rushed to the special school, it was more than 10 o’clock in the morning. Fang Chen was particularly excited and waited for her at the school gate early. Because it was summer, he stretched out his hand and wore a short-sleeved Jersey, looking particularly energetic.

Fang Chen was very tall. Fang Xiao stood beside him and looked a little petite, but Fang Chen did not feel Fang Xiao’s awkwardness at all. Like a child, he grabbed Fang Xiao’s hand and cheerfully called her sister.

Fang Xiao took her brother to take the bus. The siblings were handsome and beautiful. Standing in the crowded bus, they stood out from the crowd. Many people could not help but look at the two of them.

BINCHENG’s special school was a little far from the city. Moreover, because Fang Chen wanted to eat ice cream and birthday cake, they had to go to Bincheng’s most famous department store, the Sun Department Store. That place had the world-famous haagen-dazs ice cream cake.

From the special school to the Sun Department Store, they had to transfer to the bus twice. Fortunately, there were not many people taking the bus at noon. Other than the first bus, which had no seats, the siblings had taken the seats on the next two buses.

By the time the siblings arrived at the sun department store, it was already 11:30 p.m. . Fortunately, it was not a weekend. There were not many people at the Sun Department Store at noon. There were also very few people at the haagen-dazs ice cream shop at this time. There were actually seats available.

Fang Xiao Brought Fang Chen in and asked for a pound of haagen-dazs ice cream birthday cake. The price was not cheap. Fortunately, the two of them did not eat much, only about 200 yuan.

The ice cream cake had to be made on the spot, so they had to wait for more than half an hour. Fang Xiao and Fang Chen had nothing to do anyway, so the siblings sat on their seats. Fang Xiao took out the fairy tale book she had brought and started reading it to Fang Chen.