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Chapter 1877: She had already thought of Chapter 1877


Fang Xiao would be cleaning the famous Jiangnan City today and Linhu villa the next day. Because she was fond of flowers and trees, she had to water the flowers and trees when she was in Linhu villa Occasionally, she would also trim the flowers and trees.

In fact, this kind of work was not considered tiring. If Dongfang Yunheng did not return to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion for dinner, this man would have fallen in love with her after she moved to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion. He even asked her to cook for him.

Originally, this was not part of her job scope. It was only because she came back late that day at the lakeside villa and there was a traffic jam on the road. When she returned home, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening.

At that time, it was her first time cleaning the lakeside villa, so she had no choice but to do it all day. She had not even eaten lunch. When she returned to the Heavenly Cloud pavilion, she was famished At that time, she had bought half a catty of eggs, a handful of noodles, and two tomatoes at the roadside when she was transferring to the bus.

When Dongfang Yunheng returned, she was eating the burnt noodles with tomatoes that she had cooked herself. Dongfang Yunheng saw that she was eating well and could not help but say that he was not full from the social events outside and asked her to cook a bowl of noodles for him.

At that time, she was kind-hearted and thought that it was just a bowl of noodles. It wasn’t a big deal, so she agreed and immediately went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles for him with the remaining eggs, tomatoes, and noodles.

It was that time when she had cooked a bowl of noodles. Dongfang Yunheng didn’t know if his nerves were acting up, but he had been coming back from work early in the past few days. Sometimes, she was cooking, and sometimes, she was preparing to cook.

Therefore, in such a situation, she couldn’t cook alone. It was just that the vegetables she bought herself were very cheap. Fortunately, his eldest young master wasn’t particularly picky, so every time she cooked, he could make do with it.

Fang Xiao originally thought that she and Dongfang Yunheng would spend the remaining month or so working as part-time workers and prostitute for him.

As for where she would go after this month or so, she had actually already thought about it. Because the city was not suitable for her, she decided to let Fang Chen go to Bincheng’s special school alone, and she estimated that she would go to a remote place to work For example, a suburban nursery or other places.

Recently, when she was free, she had been looking for such jobs on the Internet. Through the information on the Internet, she learned that there was a huge nursery at the border of Bincheng and d city, and some of the flowers and plants planted there were said to be at the exit She had already sent a copy of her information over.

She had originally thought that she and Qiu Yitang would never see each other again because her living space was only that small. She was just going back and forth between Dongfang Yunheng’s three properties, so she did not need to go to more places And it was not so easy for Qiu Yitang to find her.

Moreover, there was actually no so-called relationship between her and Qiu Yitang. The reason why Qiu Yitang was still pestering her was because he suddenly realized his conscience and felt that he had wronged her, so he wanted to make up for it.

Of course, he might not necessarily have realized his conscience. Perhaps he felt that she still had some secrets of the Fang clan, and felt that she hadn’t finished excavating the last bit of the Fang Clan’s resources, so he continued to pester her.

However, no matter what kind of motive Qiu Yitang had for pestering her, she would no longer pay attention to people like Qiu Yitang. As the saying goes, if you can’t afford to offend, you can hide. Therefore, she tried her best to avoid him.