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Chapter 1873: Chapter 1873. She was going to resign


“Fang Xiao, it’s not like that. I didn’t mean that, ” Qiu Yitang said painfully. He stared at Fang Xiao and said in a trembling voice, “Fang Xiao, I know I’m wrong. Now, I’m going to… “

“President Qiu, I don’t have the time or mood to listen to your plans, ” Fang Xiao interrupted Qiu Yitang again Then she said coldly, “it’s getting late. I’m going back to the dormitory. Can you please move aside “If you really have a shred of conscience left, please stay away from US siblings. We can’t enjoy your kindness, and we really can’t bear your disaster anymore. “

After saying this, Fang Xiao used all her strength to shake off Qiu Yitang’s hand that was holding her wrist.

Qiu Yitang looked at Fang Xiao who was running towards the dormitory and watched her leave without looking back. He just stood there and watched her back gradually disappear from his sight.

He finally figured out what had happened five years ago, and finally understood that he had wronged her. Now, he wanted to ask for her forgiveness and atone for his sins, but she would never give him a chance.

Fang Xiao originally did not intend to leave this company. To be honest, this company was not bad. Whether it was the working environment or the treatment, it was very good. She even thought of working in this company forever.

However, Qiu Yitang’s appearance and Qiu Yitang’s pestering made her feel satisfied with this company. Therefore, that night, she thought about it and finally decided to resign and leave.

She called Liu Yijun and said that she wanted to resign. Liu Yijun was shocked and quickly asked her what was going on. She then told her the truth about Qiu Yitang’s situation.

After hearing her words, Liu Yijun could not persuade her to stay in this foreign-funded company. However, she also advised her to think it through because it was almost August here. With another batch of university graduates coming out of society, the competition for positions would be even fiercer It was very difficult to find another job like this.

Fang Xiao knew that it was very difficult, but she still did not want to be pestered by Qiu Yitang. Although she did not understand why Qiu Yitang kept pestering her, because she and Qiu Yitang really had nothing to do with each other anymore.

She handed in her resignation the next morning, which shocked the manager very much. He quickly asked her why she wanted to resign, whether she was dissatisfied with the company’s treatment or something?

She immediately said No. The reason for her resignation was very simple. She had a retarded brother. Recently, her brother was not in a good mood, and there was a lot of overtime work in the company. She did not have time to accompany her brother, so she wanted to change to a job that did not involve much overtime work.

The general manager said that since she did not like to work overtime, then in the future, she would try her best to call her as little as possible when she had social engagements. As for the salary, our company’s original salary increase was only three months later. Then, we will give you a little special. We will give you a raise in two months What do you think?

Fang Xiao still shook her head. She said that it was not a problem of a raise in salary, and it was not just a problem of overtime work. Her brother’s situation was a little serious, and he needed to look for her during the day, so she temporarily did not plan to go to work.

Since Fang Xiao insisted on resigning, the manager could not persuade her to stay. He only said that if she wanted to return to the company in the future, the company would naturally welcome her. Then, he asked her to hand over her job to her new successor.