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Chapter 1871: I believe in chapter 1871


She hurriedly ran forward. In fact, she hadn’t prepared anything. She could only rub her hands together and say to Qiu Yitang, “well… have a safe trip. Let’s keep in touch if you have time! “

She thought that perhaps there was no other fianc�� and wife in this world who were as unfamiliar as the two of them. Even when they saw each other off at the airport, they didn’t say anything affectionate. The words they said were extremely polite, but in fact, they were extremely unfamiliar.

Qiu Yitang nodded politely and then asked without any trace, “Fang Xiao, you said that your friend wanted your main room to look like a main room. What do you think the main room should look like? “

“Look like a main wife? ” Fang Xiao tilted her head and thought for a moment Then, she jokingly said, “of course, the main wife can not tolerate the existence of a mistress. So, Qiu Yitang, you have to think twice when looking for a mistress. Otherwise, if I find out about it, I might get rid of you and the mistress together. “

“If you didn’t talk like that at the airport, I wouldn’t be so determined to think that the mastermind was you. ” Qiu Yitang saw that Fang Xiao finally remembered, so he couldn’t help but say with difficulty.

Fang Xiao only felt amused when she heard Qiu Yitang’s words She coldly said, “Qiu Yitang, although we were engaged at that time, we weren’t familiar with each other. We didn’t understand each other. You asked me what the main wife should be like. If I didn’t answer like that, how would I answer Could it be that I told you that you could do whatever you wanted outside I wouldn’t care if you were looking for a woman outside?”

Qiu Yitang was instinctively stunned because he didn’t think about this question at that time. At that time, his heart was only filled with the tragedy that happened that night, and his heart was already certain that Fang Xiao had done it. He thought that she was ruthless and merciless in cleaning up the woman beside him Therefore, a casual sentence from her could connect him to the incident that night.

“okay, Qiu Yitang, you’ve asked me all the questions you wanted to ask, and I’ve answered all the questions I should have answered, ” Fang Xiao said and took a deep breath. She looked up at the man in front of her Then, she said indifferently, “I know you won’t believe me, and I don’t ask you to believe me. If you still believe that I did that thing, if you think that I’ve only met with the pornographic photos, had a miscarriage of a bastard child, had a label on my back that says that I’m a ruined woman, and that losing an eye isn’t enough to make you feel that you’ve already avenged the woman you love, then you can continue to think of ways to take revenge on me. “

“Fang Xiao, it’s not like that. ” Qiu Yitang could not help but cry out in pain. He lowered his eyes and stared at the woman standing in front of him His pitch-black eyes were filled with pain and regret. “Fang Xiao, I believe it. I really believe it. It’s just that back then… I was so confused… “

“Humph, are you confused? ” Fang Xiao Found Qiu Yitang’s words funny. She could not help but snort coldly. She took two steps back and put some distance between them Then, she said indifferently, “actually, when you called back then, you should have asked me directly if I had done anything to Du Caiwei. Or, when you were at the airport, you could have told me about it and asked me if I had done it… “

“I didn’t dare to ask at that time, ” Qiu Yitang quickly concluded Fang Xiao’s words Then, he instinctively defended himself, “Fang Xiao, at that time, I was about to leave the country, and my father and your father were working together. My father would definitely help the Fang Corporation. Caiwei was left alone in Hui city. I’m afraid that if I told you directly, once I leave Hui city… “. ..