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Chapter 1870: Chapter 1870, five years ago


“Fang Xiao, where are you? ” Qiu Yitang’s cold voice was clearly questioning.

Although Fang Xiao and Qiu Yitang had been engaged for four days, they were not very familiar with each other before this. They had only met a few times, so she did not think too much about Qiu Yitang’s cold voice. She only replied indifferently, “at a friend’s house. “

“were you with your friends last night? ” Qiu Yitang’s voice was still very cold.

“Yes, ” Fang Xiao answered truthfully, and then added, “I was with three or four friends last night. Why? “

“three or four friends? ” Qiu Yitang’s heart skipped a beat, and then he asked without a trace, “what are you doing with so many people? “

“I was discussing some issues with my friends, ” Fang Xiao answered truthfully Then he joked, “my friend said that you used to have a lot of female confidants outside, and asked me to keep a close eye on you. He said that the mistress nowadays is very arrogant, and that the main wife should have the prestige and appearance of the main wife. “

Fang Xiao stopped recalling this and looked at Qiu Yitang. She could not help but glare at him. “You mean… you’re sure that the encounter between you and Du Caiwei was instigated by me just because of this phone call with me? “

Qiu Yitang bit his lips lightly. He did think so at that time because the kidnappers also said that they were helping the main wife to clean up the mistress, and he and Fang Xiao just happened to be engaged a few days ago. It just so happened that Du Caiwei and he had a very good relationship, so.. He thought that Fang Xiao must have seen Du Caiwei as a mistress, so he had to clean her up.

When Fang Xiao saw Qiu Yitang’s expression, she immediately understood Therefore, she said indifferently, “alright, Mr. Qiu, last year, Du Caiwei and I drank at the flame bar before our wedding. I don’t think she was the only one who arranged it, right And then there was the so-called pornographic photos incident It was also the two of you who conspired to set it up, right?”

Fang Xiao paused when she said this Then, she smiled bitterly and said, “enough, Qiu Yitang. The so-called revenge you took on me, the so-called standing up for the woman you love, you’ve achieved your goal. Now, I’ve already experienced what happened to the woman you love, and I’ve also experienced things that the woman you love has never experienced. For example, losing her eyes. “…”

“Fang Xiao, I didn’t think that you were the mastermind that night just because I spoke to you on the phone, ” Qiu Yitang argued almost instinctively Then, he said in a low voice, “because of this incident, my flight was rescheduled and I left the next day. At that time, you even came to the airport to see me off. At that time, the two of us were also talking. “

Fang Xiao frowned slightly. In fact, she didn’t have a deep impression of the things that happened a few days after her engagement with Qiu Yitang five years ago. However, after Qiu Yitang reminded her, she remembered it again.

Yes, she did not plan to see Qiu Yitang off that day, because she knew that Qiu Yitang’s departure date was the first day, and the first day Luo Qili was in the hospital, so she chose to accompany Luo Qili between sending Qiu Yitang off and accompanying Luo Qili.

But unexpectedly, Qiu Yitang’s departure date was inexplicably changed to the next day. Her father said that Qiu Yitang hoped that she could see him off at the airport, and at that time, she and Qiu Yitang had just gotten engaged, so it seemed bad not to go.

So, early the next morning, she took a taxi to the airport because of the traffic jam. By the time she arrived at the airport, Qiu Yitang had already changed his boarding pass and was ready to go through security.