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Chapter 1869: Chapter 1869 five years ago


The four kidnappers, who were wearing human skin masks, disappeared very quickly. Du Caiwei was lying on the ground. Qiu Yitang was tied to a tree trunk and could not move or cry for help.

Qiu Yitang thought that if du Caiwei was played to death by the four men, then he would probably starve to death under the Yellow Pueraria tree. Because this old alley had been abandoned for several years, there might not even be a ghost in this place, let alone a person.

He just stayed here with Du Caiwei. After God knows how long, Du Caiwei finally woke up leisurely from the ground. Then, she crawled in front of him, grabbed the tree trunk and climbed up with difficulty. Then, she used her teeth to untie the knot that tied his rope.

“Just because the kidnapper said that Du Caiwei was a mistress, you think that I did this thing? ” Fang Xiao Heard Qiu Yitang’s words and felt inexplicable She looked at Qiu Yitang and said coldly, “Qiu Yitang, you are the president of the Qiu Corporation. No, even if you were not the president five years ago, you are still a university graduate who even wanted to go abroad to further his studies. Don’t tell me that you don’t have this bit of discernment ability? ”

“At that time, I didn’t completely believe the kidnapper’s words. ” Qiu Yitang looked at Fang Xiao and said truthfully, “I was just in a very good mood. When Cai Wei helped me untie the rope, it was already past five in the morning. The Sky was almost bright, and both of us were injured. So I drove her to the hospital first. “

Qiu Yitang paused when he said this Then he looked at Fang Xiao and said, “after I settled her in the hospital, I drove straight to your house. I wanted to ask if you had done this before “Why did you do this? ” “although we were engaged, Cai Wei and I fell in love before this. Even if you wanted to clean up the so-called mistress, it should have been after we got married. Why did you do this so early? “

“You drove to my house? ” Fang Xiao frowned instinctively and thought carefully. “I really didn’t want to be at home that day, did I? “

“Yes, you weren’t at home, ” Qiu Yitang answered with certainty After thinking for a while, he said, “when I drove to your house, it was eight o’clock in the morning. Your father happened to be going to work, so he saw me and thought I was looking for you. He even took the initiative to tell me that you weren’t at home last night. I think you went to a friend’s house. “

“I went to Luo Qili’s place. ” Fang Xiao finally remembered what happened five years ago, so she nodded and said, “at that time, Luo Qili encountered something and was very upset, so I went to accompany her. “

“But, when I called you to ask you, you didn’t answer like this. ” Qiu Yitang couldn’t help but remind her, “when I called you that day, what did you say? ”

“called me? ” Fang Xiao was stunned again. She looked at Qiu Yitang and tried to recall what happened five years ago.

She remembered that she was at the hospital with Luo Qili at around nine o’clock that morning. Because Luo Qili had an accident and was pregnant, she had to undergo surgery. Because her pregnancy was a little too big, it was already ten weeks, so she had to stay in the hospital for three days. She had to use the flow of medicine first before purging the palace.

When her phone rang, the medicine that Luo Qili had taken just happened to be acting up, so her stomach was hurting terribly. She was standing to the side and holding her hands to comfort her.

She had originally not planned to answer the phone, but her phone kept ringing, so she could only free one hand to answer the phone. When she found out that it was Qiu Yitang’s, she did not think much of it and directly pressed the answer button.