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Chapter 1867: Chapter 1867, five years ago


“What do you want to do? ” Qiu Yitang growled loudly. He was very dissatisfied with being controlled by someone. As for Du Caiwei, who was under the big yellow tree, she was also controlled by two men The clothes on her body had already been pulled aside.

“What do you mean? What did we do to you? ” Qiu Yitang could not help but growl again. Seeing Cai Wei like this, his heart felt like it was being twisted by a knife. This was the woman he loved.

“What are you doing? ” One of the men laughed out loud. With a crack, a shiny dagger swayed up and down in front of Qiu Yitang Then, he smiled sinisterly and said, “young master Qiu is a flower that grew up in a greenhouse after all. Don’t you know that there are still people like us in the world? We take money from people to help them deal with disasters. “

“whose money did you take? ” Qiu Yitang immediately became vigilant. His brows instantly locked together. He could not help but ask in a low voice, “who do you want to help to deal with disasters? “

“In our line of work, we always have to keep our clients’ secrets, ” the man holding the competition answered with a changed voice. “We are just following our clients’ orders and completing the task. “

“Then what did your clients order you to do? ” Qiu Yitang’s face was full of anger. He never thought that there would be someone who would actually go against Du Caiwei. She was a fatherless, motherless, and unarmed woman.

“Do what? ” One of the men laughed out loud. He reached out his hand to grab du Caiwei, whose clothes were disheveled, and hugged her. His pair of hands continuously massaged du Caiwei’s chest He even laughed evilly, “it’s very simple. We Rob Women and money. As long as it’s useful to us, WE’LL ROB THEM! “

“How much do you want? Tell me clearly. I’ll get someone to send it over to you. ” Qiu Yitang’s eyes glared angrily at the person who was touching du Caiwei’s body. He could not help but berate, “stop with me! “

“Hehehe, you’ll get someone to send it over? ” The kidnapper could not help but laugh when he heard Qiu Yitang’s words. He snorted coldly and said, “Do you think we’re fools? Waiting for you to get someone to arrest us? “

“then… I still have two thousand dollars in cash on me. Can I give all of this to you? ” Qiu Yitang’s hand was controlled by someone, so he could only use his mouth to talk to the Group of kidnappers.

“Two thousand dollars? Do you think we are so easy to get rid of? ” The man’s dagger slashed in front of Qiu Yitang, almost leaving a red mark on his face.

“You… YOU BUNCH OF ANIMALS! ” Qiu Yitang was finally angry. He struggled hard, but he actually managed to struggle free for him. Therefore, he tried to beat these people to the ground and Save du Caiwei.

Unfortunately, he was ambitious, but he did not have the ability. Although he had trained his body before, he did not learn martial arts. It was purely a fluke that he managed to break free just now.

Thus, after a round of competition, Qiu Yitang was quickly controlled by the kidnappers. This time, because of his resistance, the kidnappers were very fierce to him. They stepped on him directly on the ground, and the dagger swayed around his face.

“brother, now tell me, do you want to keep your eyes or your nose? ” The kidnappers’ dagger swayed back and forth on Qiu Yitang’s eyes and nose. “Tell me, where do you want to keep it? “

Qiu Yitang had been beaten so badly by these people that he didn’t even have the strength to resist. At this time, the three kidnappers stepped on his body with three feet, and his phone had been thrown into the Huicheng river not far away by the kidnappers.