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Chapter 1866: Chapter 1866 five years ago


Du Caiwei was quarreling with him because of his engagement with Fang Xiao. She was still crying when the two of them had dinner that night, saying that he didn’t want her anymore and lying to her. It made him very upset.

After dinner, Du Caiwei asked him to send her back. In fact, she just wanted to stay with him for a while. However, he thought that his grandmother had been keeping a close eye on him for the past few days. In the end, he ruthlessly refused and drove home alone.

However, he didn’t expect her to call him at midnight. He didn’t want to pick up because he knew that she must have been crying on the phone and wanted to go abroad with him or something. He couldn’t take her away now because his father and grandmother were keeping an eye on him.

However, the phone call came again after two minutes. He hung up again, but the other side still called again. He had no choice but to accept his fate and press the answer button.

Just as he pressed the answer button, the phone had not reached his ear when Du Caiwei’s voice came with fear, “Yitang, save me… Yitang, hurry up and save me… “

He was immediately scared because Du Caiwei on the phone was obviously in a dangerous situation, so he quickly asked her where she was. However, just as she said the word “fire, ” the phone was snatched and cut off.

Although there was only the word ‘fire’ , Qiu Yitang immediately guessed where it was. It was the fire bar at Windsor Hotel. It was the most famous bar in Huicheng, and it was also the bar that he and Du Caiwei used to love to go to.

When he separated from Du Caiwei at night, he knew that she was in a bad mood. She liked to drink two glasses of wine when she was in a bad mood, so it was not surprising that she went to the bar to get drunk. However, he did not expect that she would be in danger.

However, when he rushed to the fire bar and asked, he found out that Du Caiwei had been taken away by three men. The bartender in the Bar said that Du Caiwei had been drunk a lot by the three men, but the three men had just taken du Caiwei away not long ago He asked him to look for some nearby.

He immediately ran out of the flame bar and quickly dialed du Caiwei’s cell phone. This time, the cell phone rang, but no one picked up after a long time. He could not help but panic.

Outside the flame bar was a busy street. At this time, because it was early in the morning, it was particularly quiet. He got in the car and wandered around the street. Of course, he also kept dialing du Caiwei’s cell phone.

Finally, he did not know how many times he had dialed the phone. After a long time, someone finally picked up. Du Caiwei’s voice came with panic, “Yitang… Save Me… Yitang… Save Me… “

“Caiwei, where are you? ” Qiu Yitang asked anxiously. Hearing CAIWEI’s voice, his heart was about to break.

“I’m here… Huangge tree… Rhubarb Ge Tree… ” before Du Caiwei could finish her words, the phone was forcefully cut off again, but Qiu Yitang already knew where it was …

Because there was only one largest huangge tree in Hui city. It was in an ancient alley not far from this street. It was also the oldest street in Hui city. Because of the demolition, that street was now practically uninhabited.

He quickly drove the car to the entrance of the alley. Because the alley was very old and narrow, the car could not drive in, so he could only walk in on his own. Of course, he ran in.

Unfortunately, he ran to the middle of the alley. There was still some distance between him and the Big Yellow Ge tree, but he was held hostage by someone who jumped out from the side. The two people immediately turned his arm behind his back and pushed him down the Yellow Ge tree.