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Chapter 1864: Chapter 1864-five years ago


This time, God seemed to have heard her prayers. It was very normal and quiet after work today. Qiu Yitang did not come to find her, and Dongfang Yunheng did not come to find her either, which made her feel relieved.

However, she only felt relieved for one day. The next afternoon, she took the bus back to her dormitory after work. Just as she got off the bus at the bus stop, she saw Qiu Yitang already waiting there.

She instinctively pretended not to see, no, even if she did see, she pretended not to know him. She thought Qiu Yitang was a passerby, so she walked straight towards Fang Xiao, where her dormitory building was located.

However, she had only taken a few steps when she was stopped by Qiu Yitang, who had caught up with her from behind. He reached out and grabbed Fang Xiao’s wrist. With a little force, he pulled her to a remote corner.

“Hey, Qiu Yitang, what do you mean by this? ” Fang Xiao shook her hand forcefully, trying to shake Qiu Yitang’s hand off. However, that hand was very steady and she could not shake it off at all.

“Fang Xiao, I don’t have any other intentions. ” Qiu Yitang saw that Fang Xiao was resisting fiercely, so he could not help but whisper again, “Fang Xiao, I came here to look for you. I just want to ask you something, something that happened five years ago. “

“something that happened five years ago? ” Fang Xiao’s brows instinctively furrowed for a moment. Her hand, which was still struggling, stopped. She looked at the sincere Qiu Yitang and hesitated for a moment Then, she said indifferently, “then ask. It seems that five years ago was the year we just met. “

“Five years ago, three days after our engagement, what did you do to Cai Wei? ” Qiu Yitang’s throat was a little dry when he asked this question, and his voice, which drifted in the wind, was a little shaky.

“three days after our engagement? ” Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment, then frowned and thought, “I don’t think I did anything. I think she went upstairs to her room after dinner as usual. “.

“Did you meet Cai Wei that night? ” Qiu Yitang reminded her, afraid that she couldn’t remember, but he still insisted on his question.

“Meet? With Du Caiwei? ” Fang Xiao thought carefully. After all, it was five years ago, so she couldn’t remember it clearly. After a while, she shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. I didn’t meet her that night, but I met her at noon. “

“Met at noon? ” Qiu Yitang’s eyebrows were obviously stunned. He couldn’t help but ask, “then… What did you talk about? “

“Nothing. ” Fang Xiao recalled the scene at noon that day Then she said lightly, “actually, we were just catching up. After all, Du Caiwei used to live at my house. My parents also paid for her to go to school. We’re like sisters, so we talked about the situation of the year we’ve been apart. “

“Then, did you stay at home at night without going anywhere? ” Qiu Yitang heard Fang Xiao’s explanation, and there was obvious doubt on his face.

“Yeah, what are you not doing at home? ” Fang Xiao only felt that Qiu Yitang was too baffling She could not help but raise her voice a little and said, “besides, aren’t you going abroad the next morning? I have to get up early to send you to the airport. Moreover, I have to report to g university to send you off. Don’t I have to go to bed early? “

“then… did you arrange for anyone to do anything to Cai Wei that night? ” Qiu Yitang heard Fang Xiao’s explanation and his heart became even more confused. His voice became a little dry. “That’s right… what’s the point of giving Cai Wei a little hardship? “