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Chapter 1863: Chapter 1863: ex-husband calls


Fang Xiao Instinctively thought that this was Dongfang Yunheng. He probably wanted to ask her if she would get used to being in Jiangnan’s famous city, or if she had been seen by Gu Chenchen, or something like that.

The phone was still silent. There was no echo at all. Fang Xiao only felt a little irritated. This Dongfang Yunheng was going crazy in the middle of the night.. So she said a little impatiently, “alright, Yun Heng, I’m hanging up now. I still have to work tomorrow. I can’t take it anymore. “

Fang Xiao even yawned when she said this on the phone. She was really too sleepy. Ever since she started working at this company, her routine was usually to go to bed at 10 o’clock at night. It was almost midnight tonight.

Not to mention that she was dragged by the general manager to attend a social event to accompany Qiu Yitang’s client, she was also dragged by Dongfang Yunheng to Jiangnan famous city. Originally, it was not too late in Jiangnan famous city. Who knew that she would run into Gu Chenchen and then get a taxi back This wasted time.

Fang Xiao instinctively removed her phone from her ear and prepared to hang up. At this moment, a slightly familiar low voice came from the phone, “Fang Xiao, don’t hang up. I want to talk to you. “

This low voice was very soft and low, but when it reached Fang Xiao’s ears, it completely woke her up. She sat up from the bed in an instant, her heart racing. Then, Meng reacted and immediately removed the phone from her ear She cut it off as fast as she could, then threw the phone into the drawer of the bedside table.

The bed in the dormitory did not have a bedside table, but the furnishings in her room had been re-arranged by Dongfang Yunheng, so there were some necessary things such as a bedside table.

Qiu Yitang must be out of his mind. Now, he came to look for her inexplicably. She had bought this phone number after entering this company. Other than the company’s leaders, there were also Luo Qili, Liu Yijun, and Dongfang Yunheng No one else knew. Where did he get her phone number from?

Also, what did Qiu Yitang mean Did he think that there was something in her Fang family that was worth him pestering her about Wasn’t he going to marry Du Caiwei?

She did not forget that in Huicheng Baihe Wedding Celebration Company, Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei had already found this company to prepare for their engagement. This meant that their marriage was already on the agenda.

Since he and Du Caiwei were going to get married, and their marriage had already ended when she was still in the detention center, Qiu Yitang’s brain must have malfunctioned.

Forget it, forget it. It didn’t matter if his brain malfunctioned or if he went crazy, he only hoped that he would leave Bincheng as soon as possible. He only hoped that Bodhisattva would bless him to marry his beloved woman, Du Caiwei, and that he would never come looking for her again.

He didn’t know how he fell asleep in the end. In short, Fang Xiao turned off her phone and the alarm didn’t ring. Therefore, she woke up late for the first time since she came to this company. In the end, in order not to be late, she took a taxi to work.

Fang Xiao thought that she would never have to see Qiu Yitang again because when she arrived at the company, she was informed by her boss that she had a successful negotiation with the Qiu Corporation. The Qiu Corporation wanted to import a piece of raw materials from abroad And this piece of raw materials would be purchased by their company and sold to the Qiu Corporation.

Therefore, she was in a good mood throughout the day. Qiu Yitang did not call again, and Dongfang Yunheng did not call again. She only hoped that Du Caiwei would keep an eye on Qiu Yitang, and Gu Chenchen would keep an eye on Dongfang Yunheng It was best that these two damn men did not appear in front of her.