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Chapter 1861: Chapter 1861 parents who are worried about their son


“Ah Heng, the past is different from the present. How can the past be compared to the present “Moreover, mother has never lied to your father before, let alone harmed him. Moreover, how simple were our thoughts in the past? How can they compare to the modern thoughts of the girls now? “

When Dongfang Yunheng heard his mother say this, he simply crawled back into the blanket and pulled the blanket over his head to completely cover it. He turned his body inside and turned his back to his mother. “Mother, I’m going to sleep. I won’t talk anymore. “

Xi Muru sighed heavily. She looked at her son who was hiding under the blanket in the darkness. Finally, she stood up and walked helplessly towards the door. Then, she quietly went downstairs.

Dongfang Mo walked out of the study room next door. When he saw Xi Muru who was sitting on the Sofa in the room with a melancholic expression, he quickly sat down beside her. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace. He hugged her tightly and asked softly, “what’s wrong? Is it hard to do your ideological work? “

“Ah Heng, this child. Initially, I thought that he was more obedient and sensible than Yunyun, but who knew that he was also a stubborn person. If I spoke to him, he would refute you ten times. I think that woman surnamed Fang is most likely a vixen. She has hooked his soul away. “

“HAHAHA. ” Dongfang Mo could not help but laugh out loud. He held her hand and gently caressed the back of her hand He said softly, “Mu Ru, I already told you at dinner tonight. Don’t force AH Heng too much. Even if you call him back, don’t immediately pour cold water on her. This will have the opposite effect. Look, you don’t believe my words. Now, it has been verified, right “Moreover, he hasn’t brought that person home yet, has he? “

“Oh, we’ve been talking for a long time. Do you mean to wait for him to bring that person home “If that’s the case, it’ll be too late to stop him. Do you think that woman surnamed Fang is an ordinary person “It’s not like you don’t know that your son almost lost his life in New Jersey five years ago. Isn’t it bad enough that she caused your son to suffer “It’s great now. Not only has her family fallen from grace, but even she herself has been ruined in Hui city because of the pornographic photos. At this time, she actually wants to rely on our son. Do you think such a woman is innocent Is She not scheming and shrewd Do you think she really has her heart set on our son?”

“Alright, Mu Ru, our children and grandchildren will have their own blessings. If we can’t worry about it, then we won’t worry about it. ” Dongfang Mo pressed Mu Ru’s head against his chest He lowered his head slightly and said softly to her, “the feelings between people are not clear to begin with. If you like it and fall in love with it, then it’s the calamity of a person’s life. If our son’s calamity in this life is that woman surnamed Fang, then who can stop him? “

“Sigh, I don’t know what’s wrong with Ah Heng. He’s so deep and good. He has looks, qualifications, education, family education, character, and character. Why can’t Ah Heng See it? It’s not easy for him to get engaged with her, but now he’s still bent on breaking off the engagement. Tell me, what is he… “. ..

“Mu Ru, liking someone and loving someone has nothing to do with what you’re saying. You should understand as a person who has been through this. ” Dongfang Mo advised his beloved wife patiently His thin lips moved closer to her ear and whispered, “alright, don’t bother about your son’s matters. We haven’t seen each other for a few days… HMM… “