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Chapter 1860: Chapter 1860 can not be made up


After hearing his mother’s long speech, Dongfang Yunheng was no longer angry. Instead, he calmed down He said softly, “mom, you and Fang Xiao have never met, nor have you talked to her, nor have you had any deeper interactions with her. Your so-called understanding of her is nothing more than hearsay. You can’t give her such a conclusion based on hearsay, can you As for my breakup with her five years ago, I believe that she had her own reasons. Besides, the current Fang Xiao hasn’t even had the dream of marrying me. She even… “…”. “In short, she’s a good girl. A good girl that deserves to be taken seriously by me. “

“It’s true that I’ve never met Fang Xiao, nor have I had any dealings with her. However, this doesn’t mean that my conclusion about her doesn’t make sense. Although some rumors are groundless, if you don’t have wind and shadow, she won’t be able to catch you, right? “

Xi Mumu paused again Then, she continued, “besides, the current Fang Xiao is no longer the Fang Xiao from five years ago. Her thoughts are definitely not simple, and her motive for getting close to you isn’t simple either. Seeing her reminds me of your aunt. You should avoid a woman like her, but who knew that not only did you not avoid her, you actually wanted to marry her. Let me tell you, Ah Heng, I won’t agree, and your father won’t agree either. We can’t let her harm you again. Last time, you lost half your life because of her. If you do it again, you’ll probably lose your life. “

“Mom, what kind of marriage and love did you and dad go through back then? Aren’t the two of you also living happily now? ” Yun Heng did not refute his mother. Instead, he asked about his mother and husband?

Xi Muru was obviously stunned. She never dreamed that her son would ask her such a question, so she was worried about how to explain herself. However, before she could say anything, Dongfang Yunheng had already spoken.

“Mom, back then, the person that dad wanted to marry was Aunty, wasn’t it The person that dad was engaged to back then was aunty too, right At that time, Aunty complained that dad wasn’t willing to marry, so she let you take over. Dad still blamed you, and Aunty later also blamed you. You were mixed up with the Xi family and the Dongfang family, weren’t you?”

Xi Muru immediately fell silent. The story between her and Dongfang Mo had gone on for a long time. She had experienced many misunderstandings and tribulations in the middle, and she had used countless methods just to escape Dongfang Mo..

However, in the end, she and Dongfang Mo still got together. The two of them had given birth to four children together, and Dongfang Mo treated her sincerely. Throughout her life, she had experienced all kinds of tribulations, but in the end, she still found happiness.

“Mom, you’ve been through this before. Some things can not be completely seen and understood through appearances. Only the person involved knows clearly what’s going on. You can’t judge a matter based on the gossip outside. You should know this better than I do. “

Xi Muru felt a headache coming on. In the darkness, she massaged her temples. She did not expect her son to use her matter to refute her. This made her speechless instantly, and she could only sigh helplessly.