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Chapter 1859: Chapter 1859: Don’t blame Fang Xiao


Hearing his mother’s words, Yun Heng felt uncomfortable. He turned his body around in the blanket and looked at his mother in the darkness Almost instinctively, he argued, “mom, back then, you didn’t interfere with my marriage. Can you please not interfere with my marriage I’m already 27 years old. I can make my own decisions about my marriage. Besides, Fang Xiao is only a 25-year-old woman. What scheming and shrewdness does she have “Can you stop thinking so much of the bad guys? “

“Ah Heng, I didn’t want to interfere with your marriage, including when you were dating a black girl in New Jersey. We, as parents, didn’t interfere. Even though we mistakenly thought that the black girl was probably an African girl, we could see how enlightened your parents were. “But, ah Heng, this time, I can’t not interfere because this woman isn’t an ordinary woman you know. She abandoned you five years ago to marry a so-called rich family because you’re a poor boy. From this point of view, she’s a vain person. “

Xi Muru paused for a moment, then sighed. “Ah Heng, this woman, how much trouble did she cause before and after the wedding in Huicheng this year? Do you think every woman can be as tormented as her? “

“Mom, it’s not that she wants to be tormented, it’s that she wants to be tormented, ” Yun Heng retorted his mother almost instinctively. “Do you think she’s willing to be tormented like this? “

“What do you mean by being tormented? ” Xi Muru was displeased when she heard Yun Heng say that. She could not help but say, “if she’s a serious woman, who would be willing to be tormented? Like her erotic photos, if it wasn’t for her own indecent lifestyle… “

“Mom, how do you know that it was caused by her indecent lifestyle? ” Yun Heng immediately crawled out from under the blanket, lifted the blanket and sat up His voice was a little angry as he said, “mom, you’ve only heard a lot of things from hearsay and haven’t really looked into the root of it. In short, Fang Xiao is a serious girl. “

“Look at you, Ah Heng. You can’t help but argue with me now. What does this mean? Could it be that Fang Xiao beat you up and then came back to mess with me? “

“Mom, can’t you just blame everything on Fang Xiao? ” Yun Heng felt extremely helpless His tone could not help but lower. “Mom, I like Fang Xiao and love her. You’re talking about me by saying that. Humiliating her is also humiliating your son. “

“Dongfang Yunheng, what do you mean by that? ” Xi Muru was furious Her voice suddenly rose by two decibels. “I worked so hard to drag you down to such an extent Do you still have this attitude when you speak to me now What kind of woman was Fang Xiao in Huicheng? This did not require much investigation. In fact, one only needed to ask around a little. If she was really a woman of both quality and character, she would definitely not incite you to come back and make such a fuss with your family Let me tell you, a woman like her, who loves vanity, is very shrewd and scheming. In the past, she did not know that you had such a status and abandoned you. Now that she knows, she immediately came back to cling to you. Do you think that she really still loves you? Let me tell you, she is purely doing this to restore her Fang family, so that she can live a luxurious life in the future. It is impossible for such a woman to marry into the Dongfang family. As long as I am still alive, then she should not have such wishful thinking.”