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Chapter 1855: Chapter 1855 meeting Gu Chenchen by chance


She passed through the swimming pool naturally and was stopped by a person who walked out of seat D. The person who stopped her was none other than Dongfang Yunheng’s fianc��e, Gu Chenchen!

“Miss Fang, what a coincidence. Do you also live in this neighborhood? ” Gu Chenchen had a calm and natural smile on her face, as if the meeting between her and Fang Xiao was purely a coincidence.

Fang Xiao’s heart immediately thumped, and then she said without batting an eyelid, “I don’t live here. I’m here to find a friend. Miss Gu, do you live here? “

“Yes. ” Gu Chenchen’s face was smiling like a flower Her voice was filled with incomparable superiority and Zihao. “Yun Heng and I usually live here. You were once his secretary’s assistant, so you should know that he has an apartment in building d. this is where he and I usually go out. “

Fang Xiao had always told herself that she and Dongfang Yunheng were only financial owners and slaves, while Gu Chenchen and Dongfang Yunheng were fianc��s. Therefore, whatever happened between Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen had nothing to do with her.

However, at this moment, when Gu Chenchen told her that this was Dongfang Yunheng and her love nest, the place where they usually met privately, waves of sadness welled up in her heart. She even felt a faint pain.

Of course, she knew that this could not happen, and it should not happen. She and Dongfang Yunheng only had a two-month contract left. After two months, they would be strangers.

Therefore, she took a deep breath to calm down her slightly fluctuating emotions Then, she said lightly, “Oh, really? I haven’t been a secretary for President Dongfang for a long time. My work is very busy now, so I can’t remember what happened in the past clearly. “

“Then, do you want to go up and have a seat? ” Gu Chenchen was particularly enthusiastic as she pointed at the Entrance Hall of Seat D.

“No need. My friend is probably not here, so I’ll go back first, ” Fang Xiao quickly refused. She turned around and walked toward the gate of Jiangnan’s famous city. It seemed that she would still have to go back to her dormitory tonight.

Dongfang Yunheng almost sped home because Mu Yao had made her mother’s condition very serious on the phone just now. Although he knew that Mu Yao always liked to exaggerate things, he still rushed back in a hurry.

The car drove into one inch mo city. Before the car stopped, Mu Yao came out to welcome him. Just as he got out of the car, Mu Yao ran over and whispered in his ear, “big brother, you must not make a scene with mother this time. Mother is still angry. “

Yun Heng was wondering what was going on because Mu Yao had said on the phone that mother was very sick. Now, she asked him not to make a scene with mother. This was obviously not what he was saying.

He was about to ask Mu Yao what was going on, but before he could say anything, he saw his mother, Xi Muru, walking down the stairs, so he quickly walked into the living room.

“Mom, are you okay? ” Yun Heng saw Xi Muru sitting down on the Sofa and immediately walked behind her, massaging her shoulders with both hands He did not forget to explain, “Mu Yao said so much on the phone, and it scared me. “

“Oh, it seems that you still know how to care about your mother’s health. ” Xi Muru raised her hand and patted the back of Dongfang Yunheng’s hand, indicating that he did not need to massage anymore. Then, she said two words, “I said, “