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Chapter 1854: Chapter 1854, I’ll be right back


“Why would Qiu Yitang have dinner with you guys? ” Dongfang Yunheng frowned slightly after asking this question. He seemed to have thought of something, so he asked again, “is he a client of your company? “

“Yes. ” Fang Xiao nodded and said a little irritably, “not only is he a client of our company, but he’s also a big client. I hope that everything is settled tonight. There’s no need to entertain him anymore. “

Dongfang Yunheng was about to continue the conversation, but his phone rang. It was an extremely old English tune. Fang Xiao did not pay attention to it, so she did not know what tune it was.

Dongfang Yunheng was obviously stunned, but he did not immediately pick up the phone and let the tune ring. It was unknown whether he wanted to listen to the tune for a while or not.

“Hello, Yun Heng, your phone is ringing. ” Fang Xiao finally could not listen anymore. She could not help but reach out to push her arm. “Hurry up and answer the phone. “

“Okay. ” Dongfang Yunheng frowned and replied. In the end, he pulled over the car and took the phone to answer the call.

The quality of Dongfang Yunheng’s phone was top-notch, and it was close to his ear, so there was no sound at all. Fang Xiao could not hear what the person on the other end of the phone was saying, and she did not want to hear it at all.

It was already so late, and the people who could call Dongfang Yunheng were either his family or his loved ones. Fang Xiao had to stay away from these two types of people.

Fang Xiao could not hear the person on the phone, but she could hear what Dongfang Yunheng was saying. She only heard him say, “got it. I’ll be back soon. Okay, that’s it. “

“If you have something urgent to do, go ahead and do it. I’ll just hail a taxi and go back to my dormitory. ” Fang Xiao saw that he had hung up the phone and immediately said to him, “It just so happens that this place isn’t very far from my dormitory. The taxi will arrive in ten minutes. It’s very convenient. “

“It’s not particularly urgent. I’ll send you to our old apartment first. I’ll drive you back when you arrive at Jiangnan’s famous city. ” As Dongfang Yunheng spoke, he started the car again and quickly drove in the direction of Jiangnan’s famous city.

The famous Jiangnan City was about twenty minutes away from where they had parked their car. Fortunately, there were fewer cars on the streets at night, and Dongfang Yunheng’s car drove extremely fast, so it only took them fifteen minutes to get there.

Dongfang Yunheng just parked the car outside the residential area of the famous Jiangnan City. He did not get out of the car. He just threw the keys to the apartment to her and let her go in by herself, while he quickly drove away. He must have been busy with his not-so-urgent matters.

Although Fang Xiao did not know where Dongfang Yunheng was in a hurry to go, Dongfang Yunheng just answered the phone and said, “I’ll be right back. ” From this, it could be concluded that the place he was going to.. Was either home or the place that would soon become his home.

After Dongfang Yunheng’s Maybach disappeared in the night, she slowly walked towards the entrance of the residential area of Jiangnan’s famous city. The residential area hadn’t changed, just like last year. However, because it was summer, there were many more flowers in it.. At this time, the evening primrose at the entrance was emitting an intoxicating fragrance.

She naturally walked towards Building d, The building in the center of Jiangnan’s famous city. The water in the fountain was very high, and there were people swimming in the swimming pool not far away. One could even hear the laughter of men and women in the water.