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Chapter 1849: Chapter 1849, the so-called big client


However, when she walked into the private room and saw the so-called big client, she realized that the bad premonition was indeed effective. However, the big client was not Dongfang Yunheng, but Qiu Yitang.

She did not know what kind of cooperation Qiu Yitang had with this foreign trade company. The general manager was very polite to him and was willing to spend money for him. When he ordered the food, he ordered several expensive seafood.

The group of six people sat around the round table. Fang Xiao prayed in her heart that Qiu Yitang would not sit next to her because he was a big client and should sit next to the boss.

However, her prayers were probably not heard by God, so unfortunately, there was an empty seat between the boss and her. However, Qiu Yitang acted as if he did not know her and directly sat down on the empty seat.

Fang Xiao only felt that everyone was nervous. While the dishes were served, she took the opportunity to get up and go to the bathroom while the boss and Qiu Yitang were talking. In fact, she did not need to wash her hands, but she needed to stabilize her emotions.

Standing in front of the Bathroom Mirror, Fang Xiao took off the glasses on the bridge of her nose and used her hand to wash her face with cold water. She kept cheering herself on in her heart. Don’t be afraid, there is nothing between you and Qiu Yitang. You don’t owe him anything.. What are you afraid of Just pretend that you don’t know him.

This job was found for her by Liu Yijun. Moreover, she already liked this job very much. She couldn’t resign just because Qiu Yitang was a big client of this company. If that happened, she would only be at a disadvantage.

She let out a long sigh, put on the glasses, and tidied up her hair. She steadied her mood in front of the Mirror. When she couldn’t see any emotions on her face, she finally left the bathroom and walked to the private room.

Qiu Yitang was sitting beside her. She could not say anything other than being patient. After all, she was only an employee of the company. Moreover, she was responsible for communicating with this big client in plain English.

Fortunately, the dishes were served when she sat down. She did not have time to communicate with the client before she began to eat. The waitress standing behind them immediately came over with a smile and poured them wine However, Fang Xiao immediately covered her glass with her hand. Then, she looked at the boss with an apologetic look. “General Manager, I don’t know how to drink. I’m sorry! “

Actually, Fang Xiao had some tolerance for alcohol. The last few times she went out with the general manager, she had also had one or two glasses of wine. Of course, they were all wine, the kind that was not intoxicating.

However, in front of Qiu Yitang, she absolutely could not drink because she did not know how bad this person’s heart was. Moreover, he was like Du Caiwei who always wanted to kill her. She had to stay sober at all times to prevent herself from falling into his trap again.

“Fang Xiao, you should at least drink a little. This is the first time that President Qiu came to our company to discuss a cooperation. You should at least have a drink with President Qiu, right? ” The general manager was very dissatisfied with her current behavior He thought that she was deliberately embarrassing his big client.

“General Manager, I have a stomachache these two days. I really can’t drink, ” Fang Xiao continued to explain to her boss with a smile on her face. Then, she said to Qiu Yitang with a smile, “CEO Qiu, I’m sorry. I really can’t drink tonight. Please forgive me. “

Fang Xiao had never forgotten that she had fallen into Du Caiwei’s trap because she went to a bar with du Caiwei to drink. And it was precisely because she was drunk that she not only lost her innocent body and her marriage that originally belonged to her.. Moreover, she had also let herself be called a ruined woman.