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Chapter 1848: Chapter 1848: Fang Chen plays a game


On a sunny day, Fang Xiao went to Binhai’s special school because there was a basketball game today. Although the game was very small-scale, for Fang Chen, this was the first time in history that she had participated in such a game Therefore, it was very important, and as her elder sister, she had to go.

On the way there, Fang Xiao thought that the basketball game that Fang Chen was participating in should be a game between the special schools and the special children of the special schools. However, when she arrived, she realized that it was actually not the case. The game that Fang Chen was participating in.. Was actually a game against a high school basketball team in the annex.

When Fang Xiao arrived, the game had not yet begun. Everyone had just changed into new jerseys. Fang Chen seemed to have grown a little taller because of the practice of playing basketball. When she saw Fang Xiao Go, Fang Chen was especially excited.

“sister, I want to play a game. I want to beat them. ” Fang Chen’s voice was as excited as a five-or six-year-old child. The smile on his face was especially pure.

“Go for it! ” Fang Xiao held her brother’s hand and tiptoed to help him tidy up his jerseys. Then, she patted his shirt Then, she said with great satisfaction, “Chen Chen can play in the game. My sister is very happy. Today, I will cheer for Chen Chen on the sidelines. My Chen Chen will definitely be the best. “

Fang Chen smiled very brightly. Then, he heard the coach’s shout and quickly returned to the team. His running movements were very light and brisk. His feet were like the wind. He was a natural athlete.

Although this game was just between students, it was still very intense. Not all of the players on Fang Chen’s team were mentally disabled. There were also a few normal children.

The competition was very intense, but Fang Chen ran very frequently, and his shooting rate was very high. He even took a few three-pointers, winning applause from the crowd.

Of course, he still lost in the end. After all, there was still a certain gap between the children of special schools and normal children. However, Fang Chen won the title of the best player in the entire game.

On Monday afternoon, the general manager looked for her again. He said that a big client had come, and he spoke in plain English. She was the only one in the company who could speak plain English, so she needed to accompany him to the dinner party tonight.

In such a situation, she could not refuse, and she could not refuse either. Moreover, the overtime pay in this company was very high, and accompanying the manager to socialize was considered overtime. Not only could she have a big meal, but she could also get overtime pay.

When she got off work, Dongfang Yunheng called her and asked if she would go straight back to the dormitory If she did, then he would drive to her dormitory downstairs and wait for her. He would take her to eat farm food at night.

She answered calmly on the phone to her financial backer. She was sorry, but she probably could not accompany him to eat some farm food at night because she had to work overtime at night, so she let him eat by himself.

After hanging up the phone, the other colleagues had already gotten off work, but she couldn’t get off work. Instead, she had to follow the general manager to meet that so-called big client who spoke vernacular.

The general manager booked a large private room on the second floor of Binhai’s Yunxiao pavilion. This restaurant cooked Cantonese food. When Fang Xiao saw the words “Yunxiao Pavilion” when she got off the car, she had a bad premonition Could this so-called big client be Dongfang Yunheng?

Dongfang group covered a wide range of areas, including real estate, shopping malls, finance, securities, stocks, and so on, so it wasn’t surprising if they had dealings with this company.

In the blink of an eye, she had been in Binhai for two months, and Dongfang Yunheng had been looking for her for almost a month. In other words, the