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Chapter 1846: Chapter 1846, don’t even think about it


“Yes, I don’t like her anymore, ” old Madam Qiu answered with certainty. “Fang Xiao is a nice person, and her nature is quite good. If you and she are still husband and wife, then I will accept the granddaughter-in-law of the Qiu family. Because the Qiu family is not an ordinary family. If you want to find a daughter-in-law, you can’t just find a beautiful woman. You have to be a responsible person, because the mistress of the Qiu family can not be taken care of by just any woman. “. “…”

“Grandma, are you trying to tell me that Fang Xiao used to be the female head of the Qiu family, but now she can’t be the female head of the Qiu Family? ” Qiu Yitang frowned. He couldn’t help but ask about grandma’s contradictory words.

“Fang Xiao is very capable. She can be the female head of the Qiu family at any time. ” Old Madam Qiu looked at her grandson and sneered, “the key now is, do you think Fang Xiao will come back to be with you? “

“This… ” Qiu Yitang only said two words and didn’t continue.

The current Fang Xiao hated him so much that she didn’t even want to see him. The last time he saw her at Baihe Wedding Company, he went to look for her the next day, but was told that she had already left her job. As for where she went, no one knew Because even her retarded younger brother who was studying in a special school had left the school.

“If you can’t answer it, then I’ll help you answer it. Fang Xiao won’t, and definitely won’t. ” Old Madam Qiu looked at her grandson She continued the topic, “why did I say that? ” Because this was decided based on Fang Xiao’s personality. Fang Xiao looked extremely soft on the outside, but she was extremely strong on the inside. She wanted her Fang family to go bankrupt last year, and her parents died. This had something to do with you, and you and Du Caiwei once hurt her like that. The reason why she was willing to marry you back then was because she wanted her younger brother to go abroad for surgery. Now, she has disappeared with her younger brother in Huicheng. That means that she has given up the idea of performing surgery on her younger brother. So, do you think she will be threatened by you to marry you again?”

Qiu Yitang lowered his head and waited for his grandmother to finish speaking before he said in a low voice, “grandmother, this time, I won’t use any threatening methods to force her. I just want to apologize to her, to ask for her forgiveness, to… “

“Don’t even think about it. ” Old Madam Qiu quickly cut off Qiu Yitang’s words Then, she looked at him and sighed, “Fang Xiao left quietly with her younger brother, which means that she doesn’t intend to continue entangling with you. I don’t know if she will hate you, but I’m sure that she absolutely won’t like you. “

“Grandma, I’m almost done eating, so I’ll go back first. I still have to go to Bincheng tomorrow. ” Qiu Yitang put down the chopsticks in his hand as he spoke. He was actually very clear about what grandma said.

It was just that people were so strange. They didn’t know how to cherish what they got, and when they couldn’t get it, they especially wanted it. Just like him and Fang Xiao, if he had cherished her a little bit when they were married.. If he had broken off completely with Du Caiwei when they were married, then the situation between him and Fang Xiao would never have ended up like today.