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Chapter 1845: Chapter 1845 I won’t agree to it either


He thought that coming to the hospital to see her was a mistake, because his arrival made her think that he cared about her, and it was this mistake that might cause her to go even further in the future, or even make him look at her in a New Light.

He originally wanted to drive back to the West Mountain Villa. In fact, he had been living there ever since Fang Xiao left, but the Qiu family called and asked him to go back for dinner tonight. It seemed that grandma had something to talk to him about.

He actually didn’t want to go back, but grandma called. He couldn’t not go back. Moreover, grandma was still sick due to Fang Xiao’s matter. She had just gotten better a while ago. He couldn’t make grandma angry anymore.

When he drove back to the Qiu family’s old house, old Mrs. Qiu was already waiting for him to eat. Qiu Yitang quickly walked over carefully and sat down beside her He said with a smile, “grandma, are you feeling better today? Can you move around now? “

Madam Qiu stared at him for a while, then frowned slightly and said, “Yitang, your father called just now and said that you don’t want to have a marriage alliance with the Cheng family. Is that true? “

“Grandma, I’m no longer interested in a marriage alliance. ” Qiu Yitang’s voice sounded a little irritated. “because of the marriage alliance, I’ve already harmed the Fang family and Fang Xiao, so… “

“How can we generalize this? ” Madam Qiu quickly interrupted Qiu Yitang Then she said with a serious face, “Yitang, first of all, when we married the Fang family, it was out of sincerity. As far as your father and I are concerned, we didn’t say that we didn’t want Fang Xiao. It was you and Du Caiwei’s matter that caused Fang Xiao to become like that. How can you blame it on the marriage “could it be that you have fallen in love with one of Miss Cheng’s best friends again? “

“Grandma, it’s precisely because I’ve let Fang Xiao down that I’ve decided to make it up to her, ” Qiu Yitang concluded old Madam Qiu’s words Then, he looked at his own grandmother and said, “Grandma, I was indeed wrong in the past. I’ve already realized this kind of mistake now, so… “

“Don’t be so, ” old Madam Qiu quickly interrupted Qiu Yitang’s words Then, she looked at him and sneered, “Yitang, when Fang Xiao was your wife, I told you to cherish her, but you refused and insisted on getting involved with that Du Caiwei, which resulted in such a tragedy. “

Qiu Yitang lowered his head and didn’t say a word. Because this matter was indeed his fault, he couldn’t deny it, nor did he dare to deny it.

“Yitang, in the afternoon, you told Your father that you wanted to look for Fang Xiao and even wanted to remarry her. I firmly disagree on this point. ” Old Madam Qiu looked at Qiu Yitang who was about to speak She immediately stopped her with her hands. “Yitang, back then, you were angry at Fang Xiao because of Du Caiwei’s eyes and wanted to divorce her. I could not stop you no matter how hard I tried. You were determined to avenge the woman you loved, Du Caiwei. You never thought about the feelings of Fang Xiao and her brother. You never believed a single bit of her. Now, you finally saw clearly du Caiwei’s true colors, so you want to go back and look for Fang Xiao “On this point, even if your father agreed to it, I wouldn’t agree to it, let alone your father. “

“Grandma, why are your words so contradictory? ” Qiu Yitang looked at old Madam Qiu Puzzled, he asked, “since you said Fang Xiaohao, and you don’t want me to divorce her, then what do you mean by this? Don’t tell me you don’t like her anymore? “