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Chapter 1844: Chapter 1844 you have lost the chance to marry into a rich family


“You have nothing to say, right? ” This woman was obviously bullied by her husband and could not find a place to vent her anger. Today, she caught Qiu Yitang, so she vented all her anger on Qiu Yitang She put her hands on her hips and cursed angrily, “you men are not good. You always think that women outside are delicate and fresh, but have you ever thought that before we married you, we were also delicate and fresh… “

“Shut up! ” Qiu Yitang finally could not hold it in anymore and roared angrily. He stared at the woman and pointed at Du Caiwei who had just walked out of the emergency room. “Ask her now, am I married to her? “

The woman saw the anger on Qiu Yitang’s face and saw du Caiwei lowering her head without saying a word. Only then did she realize that she might have made a mistake. She had just scolded the wrong person.

However, she quickly reacted and snorted at Qiu Yitang, “since you and Miss Du Caiwei are not married, then you used to come to her apartment often? What kind of behavior is this? You occupy her and still don’t want to be responsible for her? “

Qiu Yitang was obviously stunned when he heard this woman’s question. Then, he looked at Du Caiwei, who had her head lowered and had a docile and aggrieved expression He frowned slightly and said indifferently, “This lady, it’s your own business to seek justice. However, between Miss Du and I, it’s a consensual affair. There’s never been the word ‘taking over’ . If it was really taking over, she would have already called the police. There’s no need for her to commit suicide at home. “

After Qiu Yitang said this, he saw that the woman was obviously stunned and did not dare to say anything. Therefore, he immediately turned around and walked out of the door without looking at Du Caiwei.

Du Caiwei saw that Qiu Yitang had left. She didn’t care about the woman who was defending her. She immediately chased after him and finally caught up with Qiu Yitang beside Qiu Yitang’s car in the parking lot. She quickly stopped his hand that was about to open the car door.

“Yitang, ” Du Caiwei looked at him with tears in her eyes. Her face was full of pain and sadness “Yitang, I know that it’s not right for me to ask your lawyer to add that clause when you and Fang Xiao divorced. But have you thought about it? What I lost is my eyes. If I don’t change my corneas as soon as possible, I’ll be completely blind and I won’t be able to see the world. The condition I proposed is to make Fang Xiao Blind in one eye. She didn’t lose the world. “…”

“enough, ” Qiu Yitang quickly interrupted Du Caiwei’s words Then he corrected her with a cold face, “Miss Du Caiwei, what you said just now was completely wrong. You should have said that you obtained a pair of eyes and didn’t lose your light, but you lost a man who originally loved you, and you also lost the only chance to marry into the Qiu family. “

Qiu Yitang paused for a moment, and his cold gaze landed on du Caiwei’s face Then, he said coldly, “Caiwei, don’t play such suicidal tricks in the future. It’s useless, really. Because I won’t change my mind just because you committed suicide, and grandma will never agree to let you marry into the Qiu family just because you committed suicide. So, if you play such tricks again, don’t call my assistant, because it’s useless. “

After Qiu Yitang said this, he immediately reached out and grabbed du Caiwei’s arm. With a little force, he threw Du Caiwei away by more than a meter. Then, he pulled open the car door and quickly got into the car. He didn’t take another look at Du Caiwei who was struggling on the ground He quickly started the car, stepped on the accelerator, and drove away.