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Chapter 1843: Chapter 1843: Meddlesome woman


“No, I guess he was killed in advance. ” Fang Xiao took over his words indifferently and walked towards the banquet hall with him.

Fang Xiao originally thought that she would not meet any familiar people in this banquet hall, but she did not expect to see Zheng Zihao looking at her with a wine glass not far away when she and Dongfang Yunheng just walked down the stairs of the banquet hall.

She almost instinctively broke free from Dongfang Yunheng’s hand, but she did not expect Dongfang Yunheng to quickly grab her hand, so she used all her strength to break free.

“What do you mean? ”DongfanggYunhengg was finally a little annoyed.Hee lowered his head slightly and whispered in her ear, “are you afraid that he will see?Doo you care about his feelings so much? “

“I just don’t want your fianc��e to misunderstand me, ” Fang Xiao began slightly She explained lightly, “I have already lost one eye. I don’t want to lose another eye because of destroying other people’s feelings. Otherwise, my life will probably be over. “

When Qiu Shaotang rushed to Huicheng hospital, du Caiwei had already bandaged the wound on her wrist in the emergency room. The person who sent her here was her neighbor, a woman in her thirties.

This woman looked like the kind of woman with a yellow face in the family. She was dressed very simply When she saw Qiu Yitang, she scolded him angrily, “Mr. Qiu, it’s one thing for you to abandon your wife to look for a woman outside, but you actually let a woman from outside bully you. How long has it been since Mrs. Qiu’s eyes recovered “Now, you actually ignore your own wife because of a woman from outside. Mrs. Qiu said that you haven’t been home for a month. She called you but didn’t pick up. You didn’t do it on purpose. “…”

“enough. ” No matter how good-tempered Qiu Yitang was, he was still angered by this woman’s words. Moreover, his temper had always been bad Therefore, he couldn’t help but retort coldly, “Madam, I think you are mistaken. Miss Du Caiwei is not my wife, so… “

“Not your wife? ” The neighbor who saved du Caiwei immediately interrupted Qiu Yitang’s words Then, he roared angrily, “Mr. Qiu, how can people be so heartless “I remember that I met you at the door the day you moved in. At that time, I asked if the two of you were going to live here for a long time, and you answered me that you were not. You just temporarily lived here. That’s because you didn’t deny that the two of you are not a couple. “

The woman paused at this point. Because of her anger, she was a little out of breath She pointed at Qiu Yitang and scolded, “men nowadays are really not things. All of them are eating in the pot and looking at the bowl. You don’t feel sorry for the woman outside who blinded Cai Wei’s eyes. Instead, you are focusing on the woman outside. “. “…”

“ENOUGH! ” Qiu Yitang interrupted the woman impatiently. Then, he said impatiently, “I didn’t deny it at that time, but I didn’t admit it either, did I? Besides, everyone should clean up their own mess. Why are you meddling in other people’s business? “

“meddling in other people’s business? ” The woman was immediately unhappy after being scolded by Qiu Yitang. She glared at Qiu Yitang fiercely Then, she pointed at Du Caiwei in the emergency room and shouted, “Mr. Qiu, you mean I saved Miss Du wrongly? You mean you should let her commit suicide? “


Qiu Yitang was immediately rendered speechless by the question. In fact, he said that this woman should not meddle in his and du Caiwei’s affairs, but who knew that this woman would now use du Caiwei’s suicide as an excuse.