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Chapter 1842: Chapter 1842, mid-autumn Festival


“You? ” Little feather shook her head and sighed. “Five years ago, Fang Xiao abandoned you. Now that you’re with her, aren’t you worried that another five years ago, you won’t be worried that she’ll climb up the ladder again… “

“Alright, SIS, why are you saying so much? ” Dongfang Yunheng interrupted Fang Xiao impatiently Then, he hurriedly said, “the purpose of bringing her here today is to let you and Mu Yao have a look and then say something Nice in front of our mother. If you want to persuade me not to let her go, then don’t say anything. I don’t want to hear it. “

Little feather couldn’t help but laugh out loud Then, he shook his head and said, “it seems that the girl called Fang Xiao is indeed quite charming. She is worthy of you giving up your principles again and again for her. Alright, seeing that you have been in her hands for so many years, I will try my best to persuade our parents when the time comes, but — “

Little feather paused at this point, then looked at Yun Heng and said, “I think you should let Yun speak up for you. Mother likes Yun Zai the most now. It seems that she likes to listen to whatever Yun says. “

“Go, go, go. I’m not going to look for Yun Heng, playboy. ” Yun Heng interrupted little feather as he spoke, then quickly added, “isn’t Yun Heng in Singapore? Where does he have the time? “

“Alright, if you don’t want to look for him, then don’t look for him. Little Mu Yao and I will help you put in a good word for him. ” As little feather spoke, he raised his head and looked at the crowded banquet hall. He frowned and said, “I wonder if that girl, Mu Yao, is here. “

“Alright, that’s it then. When the time comes, you and Mu Yao have to help me convince mom. After Fang Xiao and I get married, I will ask her to toast to you and thank you properly. ” As Yun Heng spoke, he patted the shoulder of little feather, who was shorter than him He sighed and said, “sisters and sisters are still the best. I just want to have a few more sisters and sisters. “

“Go, stop sucking up. Be careful not to smack the horse’s leg. ” Feather pushed his hand down Then, he smiled and asked, “Oh right, when do you plan to bring her home to meet our parents? And when are you getting engaged? I think I’ll have to give her a big gift this time. “

“mid-autumn Festival, right? ” Yun Heng thought for a moment and said, “isn’t our family members on the mid-autumn Festival every year? It’s best to bring her back that day. You and brother-in-law have to come by then. “

“Isn’t the mid-autumn Festival in September? It’s already the end of July. ” Little feather frowned slightly and looked at his younger brother carefully to remind him, “so soon? Your engagement with Gu Chenchen hasn’t been broken off yet. “

“Yes, I’ll think of a way to break it off as soon as possible. ” Dongfang Yunheng did not take this matter to heart. As he spoke, his gaze kept sweeping across the banquet hall, wanting to see where Fang Xiao was now.

“Alright, hurry up and look for her. Seriously, I can’t leave her for a while. ” Dongfang Yu smiled and pushed his younger brother with his hand. Finally, he let him go and went to look for his jealous husband, Lei Zhenyu.

Fang Xiao Sat in the back garden for a while. Just as she got up, she heard footsteps behind her. The moment she turned her head, she realized that Dongfang Yunheng had already come looking for her.

“Why are you sitting here? ” Dongfang Yunheng immediately walked forward, held her hand and asked, “did a mosquito bite you? You have sensitive skin. A MOSQUITO BITE will cause a big bump. “