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Chapter 1839: Chapter 1839, the full moon banquet


With such a pair of masters standing here, she would only be wearing ordinary gowns. Why would these people turn their attention to her Could it be that everyone was surprised by her appearance, or perhaps they thought that Dongfang Yunheng should bring Gu Chenchen here tonight?

Fang Xiao was very puzzled, but the outstanding couple had already walked towards them. The female protagonist looked at her with a smile, then looked at Dongfang Yunheng and asked jokingly, “Yun Heng, how should I address her? “

Dongfang Yunheng’s face blushed slightly, then he turned to Fang Xiao and introduced her, “this is Leng Rong, the CEO of the Leng Corporation, and this is young Madam Leng, Cheng Yajun. “

“Nice to meet you, President Leng, and Young Madam Leng. ” Fang Xiao greeted them very politely, then extended her hand to Cheng Yajun, “my name is Fang Xiao. “

Cheng Yajun immediately reached out and held Fang Xiao’s hand, but she did not let go of it just for a symbolic shake. Instead, she held her hand and studied her face Then, she smiled lightly and said, “this is the first time Yun Heng has brought a girl to such an occasion apart from Miss Gu. You are a little special to him. “

Fang Xiao frowned slightly when she heard this. Just as she was about to speak, she heard someone shouting beside her, “Leng Rong, the Dongfang couple has arrived. Hurry up and come out to welcome them. They are guests who have come from afar! “

Leng Rong and Dongfang Yunheng immediately turned around and quickly walked towards the main door. It was obvious that they were guests of honor. Otherwise, they would not have sent Leng Rong and Dongfang Yunheng out at the same time.

“Oh, it’s sister ru Yu. ” Cheng Yajun finally let go of Fang Xiao’s hand and turned around She whispered in her ear again, “Yun Heng’s sister and brother-in-law are here. He didn’t bring you here today because he wants you to meet the parents first, right? “

Before Fang Xiao could react, Cheng Yajun had already turned around and left to welcome the other guests. She raised her head and saw that not far away, Dongfang Yunheng was talking to a group of young men and women.

The person just now had shouted that the Dongfang couple had arrived, but Cheng Yajun had said that sister ru Yu had arrived. In the end, she said that this was Dongfang Yunheng’s sister. It was likely that Dongfang Yu was ru yu.

Because of the distance and because she only had one eye, she could not see the faces of the young couple clearly. However, she vaguely felt that they were a handsome man and a beautiful woman.

Thinking about it, if Dongfang Yunheng was so devilish, wouldn’t his sister be very beautiful And his brother-in-law must also be very handsome.

The child’s full moon wine was said to be a family banquet, but there were still many guests. Fang Xiao went to the dining area to look for something to eat before Dongfang Yunheng returned.

This was not to say that she was very hungry. It was mainly because she did not know the people here. The only person she knew, Dongfang Yunheng, was busy receiving his sister, so she could not be bothered with her. If he did not eat anything to pass the time, could he just stand there in a daze?

He brought the food to the dining table, but before he could sit down, the lights in the entire banquet hall dimmed. Then, Leng Rong and his wife carried their child to the temporary stage They began to show everyone the fruits of their love.

The dining area was a little far from there, and the entire banquet hall was filled with people and laughter. Leng Rong said something, and Cheng Junru said something, but she could not hear it.

Fortunately, she did not want to hear it. In fact, when she saw the child, she instinctively had the urge to avoid it. She thought that she had lost a child before, and she only found out about the child after she lost it.