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Chapter 1838: Chapter 1838: Attending the full moon banquet


It was July, the season of fire. Even the air had a fiery smell, but Fang Xiao felt inexplicably cold. Wearing this light blue gown and a pair of stilettos, as she held Dongfang Yunheng’s arm.. She instinctively shivered.

Dongfang Yunheng’s car had a lot of air-conditioning. She didn’t know if it was because the gown was too thin and her arm was exposed too much, but she only felt cold. Even her arm was covered in chicken skin.

Fortunately, the dress shop wasn’t too far away from the full moon banquet. It was less than a dozen minutes’drive away. When Fang Xiao got off the car, she felt the temperature was a little higher, but her heart was once again filled with fear and uneasiness.

She didn’t know if she would meet any acquaintances at such a banquet. Although she knew very few people around Dongfang Yunheng, in fact, other than Lin Shanshan and Wu Jianping, only Gu Chenchen was left.

She didn’t know if Gu Chenchen would come to such an occasion. If he did, then what kind of scene would it be when she and Dongfang Yunheng were together later?

The full moon wine of Dongfang Yunheng’s friend’s child was actually the full moon wine of Leng Rong’s child. The Leng Family was considered a prominent figure in Binhai, and they had many businesses under them. Therefore, the full moon banquet of Leng Rong’s child was not set up in any big hotel Instead, it was set up in the new villa that Leng Rong prepared for his wife.

Fang Xiao held Dongfang Yunheng’s arm and walked into this extremely luxurious courtyard-style villa with him. The style of the villa was very good. It was baroque style, and it had the charm of Portugal everywhere.

When they walked into the banquet hall, they were immediately surrounded by red roses. The entire hall was filled with Red Roses, and the happy picture of the family of three was also surrounded by champagne roses in the shape of a heart. The child, who had just reached the full moon, was sitting in the middle of his parents There was actually a slight smile on his face, and the parents who looked the most radiant were the ones holding the child.

The entire banquet hall was brightly lit. Their clothes were fragrant, and their hair was shaded. They toasted each other, and the crowd was noisy. Everyone’s faces were filled with smiles, as if it was a happy thing to congratulate this couple.

Of course, because it was a full-moon banquet for the children, the guests inside were not like the usual banquets that were filled with politicians, business celebrities, and even entertainment celebrities. The guests who were here tonight.. Were mostly relatives and friends who had a very good relationship with the host.

The Moment Dongfang Yunheng led Fang Xiao into the banquet hall, the originally noisy banquet hall instantly quieted down. The people who had been talking enthusiastically stopped talking Their gazes could not help but look in the direction of the two of them.

Fang Xiao also instantly felt that she and Dongfang Yunheng had become the spotlight of the entire banquet hall. This feeling made her heart beat faster instinctively, and a bad premonition spread in her heart.

Although she did not know the parents who held the full moon wine for their children, the three of them should be the main characters tonight. Her gaze quickly swept across the hall, and she immediately saw the woman wearing a long red dress that covered the floor The woman had exquisite makeup on her face and her hair was tied into a bun. She still had a happy smile on her face. In fact, no one could suppress the demeanor of the main character.

The man standing next to the woman could almost be described as dashing and elegant. His handsome face, a pair of flirtatious eyes, straight eyebrows inserted into his sideburns, and the Black Tuxedo on his body and his wife’s red gown complemented each other perfectly At a glance, one could tell that they were a beautiful couple.