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Chapter 1837: Chapter 1837 was obediently at his disposal


Unfortunately, many things were destroyed when you liked them. For example, his relationship with Fang Xiao had just been reined in and he was preparing to live her life wholeheartedly when such a thing happened.

The occurrence of that incident made him thoroughly understand that no matter who he married, Du Caiwei would not let anyone off. Therefore, he did not look for Fang Xiao this month because he knew that it would be useless even if he found her It would only bring unnecessary trouble to her.

Now, he had to arrange for du Caiwei to immigrate abroad and let her stay abroad for many years. Only then would he and Fang Xiao have a chance to truly start over.

Of course, he would think of a way to make Fang Xiao’s eyes see again. There were many people who donated their corneas now. He believed that as long as he worked hard, he would not be unable to contact even a row of corneas for her.

It was always easy to get stuck in traffic during the rush hour. Even in a third-tier city like Huicheng, there would still be traffic jams in the city. Therefore, he had no choice but to drive slowly along with other cars.

At this moment, his phone rang. He took it out and it was actually his assistant, AH Hui. He immediately pressed the answer button Ah Hui’s voice sounded slightly anxious. “Boss Qiu, it’s not good. I just received a call from Miss Du’s neighbor. He said that MISS DU COMMITTED SUICIDE! “

Actually, Fang Xiao did not want to go to the full moon wine that Dongfang Yunheng’s friend held for her child. However, she did not reject him thoroughly in the morning. She did not work overtime at night, so she could not refuse.

Therefore, after work, she could only obediently get into Dongfang Yunheng’s car and let him take her to the dress shop to buy a dress. Because she understood her position in his heart from the beginning to the end, she didn’t seriously choose a dress Anyway, she wore it for him to see. If he said that it was good, then she would wear it.

However, the lady boss of the dress shop looked at her with obvious surprise. She wasn’t surprised by the lady boss’s surprised look, because she wore a pair of ordinary glasses that didn’t look like ordinary glasses Sunglasses did not look like sunglasses.

Presumably, the women that Dongfang Yunheng brought to this shop in the past were all beautiful women. Thinking of her, who looked extremely ordinary, but still wore strange glasses.. Moreover, she was probably the first woman who refused to take off her glasses even when changing into a gown?

Her hair was not long. When she worked at the Barbecue Stall on the Western beach at the beginning of the year, because she often helped the customers’carbon ignition when she first went to work at the barbecue stall, long hair was a taboo. Moreover, the beach was too humid, and she got off work late at night, so it was convenient for her to wash her hair So she cut her hair short.

Her hair had grown a little over the past two months, but it had just spread over her shoulders. Usually, when she went to work, she would just use a hair clip to casually put it on. However, she had to wear a gown tonight, so it did not look good.

In the end, she did not do anything to her hair. She just helped her to straighten her hair, parted it slightly, and just draped it over her shoulders. As for makeup, it was even simpler because she was wearing glasses, and her glasses were brown in color Outsiders could not see her eyes clearly from the lenses, so they did not need to use eye shadow, Mascara, fake eyelashes, and so on. The only makeup she put on was a bit of rouge on her cheeks.

Initially, the lady boss said that she looked good in the red dress, but Dongfang Yunheng said that his friend’s wife, the mother of the full-moon child, might wear red tonight, so he helped her choose a light blue one-shouldered dress.