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Chapter 1835: Chapter 1835 was getting more and more confused


Fang Xiao saw his unhappy look, as if she had offended him by not agreeing to go to a dinner party with him. She smiled bitterly and said, “let me see. If you don’t work overtime tonight, I’ll go with you. “

Dongfang Yunheng’s expression softened a little. He glanced at her, who was still wearing her pajamas. “Why aren’t you changing? Aren’t you in a hurry to go to work? “

Fang Xiao took her clothes and went to the cloakroom to change. Fortunately, he did not chase her in. She let out a long sigh of relief. Her summer uniform was only short-sleeved clothes and pants. She had tidied herself up in a few minutes.

“Let’s have breakfast together. ” He had probably changed his clothes in the bathroom. When he saw her come out, he immediately came over and walked out of the door with her. At the same time, he asked thoughtfully, “what do you want to eat? “

“whatever, ” Fang Xiao replied indifferently. Then, she added, “I’m rushing to take the bus. I just need to buy a cup of soy milk and two steamed buns by the roadside. “

The corner of Dongfang Yunheng’s mouth twitched. He ignored her and directly grabbed her wrist and walked towards the elevator.

Qiu Yitang was about to leave work after signing the last document. He did not expect his father, Qiu Boyuan, to call him from the inside line and ask him to go over immediately.

He was a little stunned for a moment, but he still got up and took the car keys downstairs. His father was the chairman of the Qiu Group. In fact, he had almost retired to the second tier. The company was not particularly important, so he usually would not ask about it.

Recently, the Qiu Group was indeed not very lucky. The land that they had originally agreed to cooperate with Binhai Dongfang Group was now gone. Dongfang Yunheng was not willing to cooperate with them, and was even willing to compensate them for the breach of contract.

The old man was furious about this matter. A month ago, he ruthlessly beat him up, saying that he was getting more and more muddled. A company’s president was always acting emotionally.

Back then, the cooperation with the Dongfang Group was actually a function of his cousin, Gu Chenchen. Gu Chenchen’s only condition was for him to marry Fang Xiao. He said that as long as he married Fang Xiao, he and the Dongfang Group could not only cooperate to develop the land There would be other opportunities for cooperation in the future.

His cousin was Dongfang Yunheng’s fianc��e, the future wife of the CEO of the Dongfang Group. Back then, Gu Chenchen had also studied in the United States, and Fang Xiao, that woman, had also studied in the United States for a year. He guessed that Fang Xiao and Gu Chenchen were very close friends They were even close friends. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have stood up for her.

When Qiu Yitang arrived at the office where the chairman of the Qiu Corporation was, his father and chairman, Qiu Boyuan, was waiting for him. When he saw Qiu Yitang, he immediately threw him a data bag.

“This is the cooperation plan of Binhai Hengda Group. Go back and study it carefully. If it’s feasible, we will cooperate with Hengda to develop the land in the south. It is said that Binhai will focus on building Qianhai there. This is more valuable than the cooperation plan with Dongfang Group at the end of last year. “

“Yes, ” Qiu Yitang replied and immediately picked up the information bag from his desk. He looked at his father and said, “well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back. “

“How have you been with Du Caiwei recently? ” Qiu Boyuan saw that his son was about to leave and could not help but stop him. “What exactly are your plans with that woman? “

“I broke up with her a month ago, ” Qiu Yitang said truthfully. He looked at his father and said, “I’m helping her with immigration. After the immigration is done, I’ll let her go abroad. “