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Chapter 1824: The chapter 1824 agreement had not expired


“You still came here knowing that? ” Fang Xiao was so angry that she almost vomited blood. What did this man mean? He just couldn’t bear to see her life a little better, could he?

“I remember that you and I signed a one-year contract to sell our bodies. ” As he spoke, he picked up the briefcase beside him and took out a document that she had signed and handed it to her.

“You… ” Fang Xiao stared at the document. There was indeed her and his signature on it, but what exactly was going on ? Didn’t he give her a copy half a year ago ? ?

“We signed two copies back then. ” He seemed to know the doubts in her heart, so he crossed his legs and explained calmly to her, “the copy that was given back to you was originally yours, but isn’t my copy still in my hands? “

“But… ” Fang Xiao clenched the agreement in her hands tightly. She gritted her teeth and after a while, she said, “but you wrote in that agreement back then… “

“Xi Lingheng is dead, ” he continued her words and said calmly, “Miss Fang, look carefully. I signed this one with Dongfang Yunheng. I didn’t write that Dongfang Yunheng is dead. “

Fang Xiao stared at the agreement in her hands. When she sold her body, she did sign two agreements. One was signed by Xi Lingheng, and the other was blank.

She had mistakenly thought that the one Xi Lingheng wanted didn’t need his signature as long as she signed it, but who knew that… Dongfang Yunheng was too disgusting …

“What do you mean by this now? ” It took her a long time to understand. Her eyes quickly scanned through the room, and she had a vague ominous feeling.

“Of course I’m following the agreement. ” Dongfang Yunheng yawned and said Lazily, “wasn’t it written in the agreement “I didn’t provide you with a place to live. So, in order not to affect your work and earn money, I forced myself to move to your place. “

“You… ” Fang Xiao was so angry that she almost vomited blood, but there was nothing she could do. Who asked this damn agreement to be limited to a year?

“Don’t you you you. ” Dongfang Yunheng was clearly a little impatient with her being frozen here. He couldn’t help but wave his hand and said, “why aren’t you taking a shower? I’m a Germaphobe, so don’t be so close to me when you sleep at night. “

“What If… I don’t want to fulfill this agreement? ” Fang Xiao still stood there without moving. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that this bastard Dongfang Yunheng would actually be so shameless as to force her into a dead end …

“If you don’t want to fulfill the agreement, then pay me double the money. ” Dongfang Yunheng shrugged his shoulders, looking as if he was eager for her to break the agreement. He pointed at the agreement with his finger and said, “didn’t it say that whoever breaks the agreement will pay the other party double the money? “

Fang Xiao couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. She was already so poor that she had no money. Now, she didn’t even have 10,000 yuan in her bankbook, let alone a million yuan.

Seeing Fang Xiao make a sound, Dongfang Yunheng said slowly, “actually, the agreement between you and I only has less than a month left. Do you think you need to pay 1,000,000 yuan for these three months? “

Fang Xiao immediately did not make a sound. The Difference Between Three Months and 1,000,000 yuan was something that even a fool could calculate, not to mention that she was not a fool?

“When this agreement expires, the two of US will no longer have anything to do with each other, right? ” She finally accepted her fate and asked. She did not want to continue arguing with him because she definitely could not outargue him.