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Chapter 1822: You should have seen chapter 1822


Because the apartment was not expensive, and because the distance to work was a little far, the boss of the foreign company was very generous. Each employee had a 20 square meter apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and balcony as a dormitory.

Because it was a little late, Fang Xiao immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower after returning to the dormitory. Because she had drunk two glasses of red wine in the evening for social events, she was slightly intoxicated. When she took a shower, her head was a little dizzy, and her face was still burning hot.

After taking a shower, she heard a knock on the door when she was still washing clothes. She did not care because the person next door was a colleague, so she walked out of the bathroom and naturally opened the door.

When she found Dongfang Yunheng standing outside the door, she quickly pushed the door with her hand and tried to shut him out. Unfortunately, her strength was not his match, so she was forced in by him in the end.

“What on Earth do you want to do? ” Fang Xiao’s tone was very displeased. She was very dissatisfied with his rude and rude way of forcing his way in, and her face was full of warmth and anger.

Dongfang Yunheng was slightly stunned. Seeing her angry face, he said in a low voice after a long while, “actually, it’s nothing. I just want to… come and see you. “

“You’ve already seen it. ” Fang Xiao suppressed the anger in her heart. If she had not considered the fact that her colleagues lived next door and that she did not want to disturb her colleagues in the middle of the night, she would definitely have used a broom to chase him away.

“Yes, I’ve already seen it. ” He looked at her and nodded. His face revealed a faint mocking expression. “I’ve seen how well you’ve lived after you left me. I’ve seen the life of your rich and noble wife. I’ve seen… “

When he said this, he could not help but laugh The mocking expression on his face became even more intense. “I’ve seen your so-called future. So it turns out that you only want this kind of future. Why didn’t you say so earlier? Could it be that I, Dongfang Yunheng, am so stupid that I can’t even give you this kind of future? “

Fang Xiao stood there. Every word he said was like a sharp blade piercing into her chest. Five years ago, it turned out that he remembered every word she said to him five years ago. It turned out that he had come to look for her time and time again It was not that he still had lingering feelings for her, it was not that he still remembered her well-being, but..

It was that he wanted to see her make a fool of herself, to see her end, to see the so-called life of a rich and noble lady that she had lived after abandoning him all those years ago!

She thought of that snowy evening five years ago. She thought of how she had walked alone for a long, long time five years ago. She thought of the pain of crying blood five years ago. She thought of… …

She actually could not continue thinking about it. She had once loved the poor Xi Lingheng, but the man in front of her was not Xi Lingheng after all. Half a year ago, when he chased her out of Jiangnan’s famous city and threw her on the street in the pouring rain.. The contract he left for her clearly stated that Xi Lingheng was dead.

Yes, Xi Lingheng was dead. The Xi Lingheng who loved her and doted on her was already dead. Now, she had to face this Dongfang Yunheng who pestered her and wanted to see her end as a joke!

“since you’ve already seen it, then, are you satisfied with what you’ve seen? ” Fang Xiao finally came to her senses. She looked at the man in front of her with an indifferent face. Even her tone was no longer warm and angry It was as if she was talking to a stranger.

His heart trembled slightly. He was satisfied. How could he not be satisfied?

Seeing that she was not living well, seeing that she was so down and out, and even seeing that she had lost an eye, he should be quite satisfied!