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Chapter 1821: Chapter 1821 meeting an old friend again


That night, she went to the Times imperial court private room and accompanied the boss to entertain a client. Originally, this kind of thing was not up to her. There was a secretary or a team leader, but on this day, the secretary was sick and the team leader had something to do, and her spoken English was the best Thus, she was forcefully dragged to the top.

The private room was filled with red wine and beautiful women, English and Chinese, and Japanese was shuttling between them. She was not good at such occasions, but when the boss finished his business talk and talked wine and beautiful women with the client, she found an excuse to walk out She thought of taking a breath in the corridor.

The corridor was very dark, and there was a small orange searchlight on the wall. Even the exquisite and cold glass tiles were slightly warm. She stood by the window and stared blankly at the city with the flashing neon lights.

Someone walked past her, and a faint smell drifted in with the wind in the air. It was a little familiar, but she did not turn around, treating it as an illusion. After all, that perfume could not only be sold to one person.

The person’s footsteps stopped after a few steps, and then a low and hoarse voice came from behind, “Fang Xiao? Are You Fang Xiao? “

This time, not only was the smell familiar, but even the voice was so familiar. When the footsteps approached her, she turned around and raised her head. As expected, the person standing in front of her was the familiar yet unfamiliar person — Dongfang Yunheng!

Fang Xiao was almost instantly stunned. When she came to Binhai, she had thought that she might meet Dongfang Yunheng because he was in this city, one of the thousands of people in this city.

But then she thought that this city was so big and had so many people, and the circle she lived in and the circle he lived in were one in the sky and one in the earth. In fact, it was not so easy to meet him unless he specifically came to find her.

After she left the western district, she had lived in Hui city for more than a month, but Dongfang Yunheng didn’t find her. From this, it could be seen that he wouldn’t come to pester her anymore.

“Fang Xiao, why are you here? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s voice pulled her back from her thoughts. The moment she looked up again, he was already in front of her.

Almost instinctively, she dodged to the side and distanced herself from him. Then, she quickly used her hand to adjust the glasses on the bridge of her nose. Just as she was about to speak, someone called her at the door of the private room not far away.

“Fang Xiao, let’s go, ” the general manager’s voice came from the door of the private room. “Hurry up and pay the bill. “

“Oh, ” she replied and quickly ran toward the private room, no longer paying attention to Dongfang Yunheng who was standing behind her with a deep frown.

After settling the bill, she walked out of time Royal Court with the general manager. The general manager and his group were still going to Karaoke. Fang Xiao found an excuse for her sore throat and did not follow them. Instead, she hailed a taxi and went back.

Time royal court was a little far from her dormitory. She sat in the front passenger seat and looked out of the window at a traffic light junction. When she noticed that the car behind the car next to her looked familiar, her heart immediately skipped a beat Just as she was about to stick her head out to take a closer look, the taxi quickly started.

Fortunately, in the remaining time, she had looked out of the window more than once, but she did not see the car again. Only then did her slightly panicked heart finally calm down.

The dormitory of a foreign-funded company was in an old neighborhood, which was actually considered a suburb. It was said that all the employees of the foreign-funded company agreed to this. Because the rent here was cheap, the price of an apartment in the downtown area.. This place could be rented two to three times.