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Chapter 1820: Chapter 1820 office chores


Finally, Fang Xiao discussed with Luo Qili for a long time. Then, she found Fang Chen and asked him if he wanted to go to the same school as the basketball coach. Fang Chen liked playing basketball very much and especially liked the basketball coach, so of course, he was very happy to agree.

So, the next morning, Fang Xiao Helped Fang Chen pack his luggage. The two siblings pulled their luggage and left the special school with their luggage bags, heading to another city that was not unfamiliar to them.

Luo Qili was worried about the two siblings. She kept sending them to the long-distance bus station and repeatedly reminded them to call her if anything happened. She even said that she would go to Bincheng to visit them when she was free.

When they got off at Binhai, Liu Yijun had already come to pick them up. She hailed a taxi and went straight to Fang Chen’s new school. The basketball coach had long known that they were coming, so he had already prepared the dormitory for Fang Chen in advance.

Although Fang Chen’s iq had not improved, his physical ability had gradually improved. Now that he was living alone in a dormitory, he almost did not need anyone to take care of him. Moreover, he had fallen in love with long-distance running and big basketball This made Fang Xiao very happy.

After Fang Xiao arranged for her brother, she found a job in Binhai. Initially, she wanted to find a job in a lily company, but Liu Yijun said that it was too hard and there were no holidays. It was better to find another company to work for?

In the end, it was Liu Yijun who helped her. In fact, Fang Xiao vaguely felt that it was Liu Yijun’s boss, her boyfriend, who helped her find a job in a foreign company.

Foreign companies had a very high requirement for English. It just so happened that Fang Xiao had gone to the United States to study, so her English was quite good. The main thing was that her spoken language was very fluent, which the manager of the foreign company took a fancy to.

The days settled down just like that. Moreover, this foreign trade company had a rule that one could not use their Chinese name while working in the company, which meant that everyone had to give themselves an English name.

Fang Xiao used to have an English name. After all, she studied in the United States, so when the company asked her to give herself an English name, she did not think much about it and directly adopted her previous English name, Susan.

One good thing about foreign companies was that people called each other by English names. In fact, it was to prevent employees from getting close to each other. Many employees even did not know their colleagues’Chinese names after work.

Fang Xiao was a newcomer and had never had any experience. In fact, she had to rely on some connections to enter this company. Therefore, after she entered, although she had a desk space, she spent most of her time doing odd jobs None of the actual work was assigned to her.

She did not mind it. She could not do it in the first place. The Ada sitting next to her was the team leader. She seemed to be very busy all day, so Fang Xiao was helping her with her coffee and fast food.

Of course, all the colleagues in the office were very busy. Everyone was either communicating with the foreign businessmen on the computer or using the phone to communicate with the customers. The entire office was in the english-speaking world. There had never been a Chinese language, which made people mistakenly think that they had gone abroad.

Most of the colleagues spoke English, but most of the time, they were calling her

“Susan, is my coffee ready? “

“Susan, make a copy of this document. It’s waiting to be used. “

“Susan, order a radish braised beef brisket with Chili Sauce for me. “


Her days were spent in such a busy manner. Although she was busy, it was also fulfilling. Although her job was similar to doing odd jobs in the office, the benefits offered by foreign companies were good and her salary was high. Just like her, her monthly salary was six thousand yuan.