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Chapter 1817: Chapter 1817 who gave you the courage


By the time she finished her glasses and returned to the company, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. Many of her colleagues were busy, and some were leisurely drinking coffee or making tea.

“Siyu, you’re only back now. ” Ah Qing frowned when she saw her She could not help but say, “there’s a big client looking for you in the afternoon, but your cell phone is also turned off. He asked you to call him, saying that he wants to order a diamond-level set meal. But he asked for you by name… “

“got it. ” Fang Xiao immediately understood that it was Qiu Yitang. She would not call him, nor would she accept his engagement ceremony or anything like that. She wanted to leave this place and never let him find her again.

Du Caiwei carefully looked at the man smoking on the balcony. His face was cold and dark, and his whole body was emitting cold air. She was instinctively afraid, and even did not dare to approach him.

She did not expect her luck to be so bad. It had not even been half a year since her eyes regained their sight, but Qiu Yitang had already found out that it was Fang Xiao’s cornea. And that Damn Fang Xiao had promised not to appear in front of them.

It was all that D * MN woman. If Qiu Yitang did not want to marry her, she would definitely not let them live well. Qiu Yitang was hers, and the property of the Fang family was also hers.

Qiu Yitang finished his cigarette and turned around. He looked at the pitiful du Caiwei standing there. At this moment, he actually had a feeling of disgust.

“Yitang, ” Du Caiwei said carefully. She walked towards him and stretched out her arms, wanting to throw herself into his arms. However, Qiu Yitang cleverly gave way, and she missed.

“Yitang, do you hate me? ” Du Caiwei’s tears immediately fell. The crystal clear tears rolled onto her delicate face like diamonds. She was not unmoved.

“Who gave you the courage to ask for Fang Xiao’s eyes? ” Qiu Yitang stared at her, his eyes almost bursting with sparks. “Who told you to do this? “

“It wasn’t me, ” Du Caiwei hurriedly denied. “Yitang, it really wasn’t me. At that time, the expert in charge of my eyes said that my cornea was too serious. If I didn’t hurry to change my cornea, it would probably be useless for a long time. So, he asked me to look for the cornea, and where would I find a blind person? Coincidentally, your assistant came to see me and told me that your lawyer was going to talk to Fang Xiao about a divorce. He said that he could add this clause and let Fang Xiao Exchange her marriage and cornea. “…”

“Don’t push the blame onto others. ” Qiu Yitang quickly interrupted Du Caiwei’s words and then coldly growled, “No matter how bold my assistant is, he wouldn’t dare to do this! “

Du Caiwei was slightly stunned, but she quickly reacted Then, she cried even more sorrowfully, “yes, it was me who asked your assistant to add that condition because the doctor said that my pair of eyes only needed the cornea of one eye. This way, she wouldn’t be unable to see the world, and I wouldn’t go completely blind. You may think that I’m selfish, but have you ever thought that if I don’t do this, my eyes would go blind, and I wouldn’t be able to see the world, and my eyes would be caused by the two of them? “

Du Caiwei screamed hysterically Then, she lay on the Sofa and sobbed, “Yitang, if it weren’t for their evil hearts, I wouldn’t have treated them like this. It was them who wanted to destroy me. They did the first day of the Lunar New Year. Am I wrong for doing the fifteenth? “