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Chapter 1815: Chapter 1815. She was not going to pay for them


Qiu Yitang looked at the woman sitting opposite him. She was wearing a pair of eyes on her slightly tanned skin. She had long lost her former frail and fragile appearance as a young lady in a business suit. Now, she appeared to be extremely capable Her every move showed the ability and wisdom of a white-boned woman in the workplace.

“Yitang, then how about this diamond set meal? ” Du Caiwei saw that Qiu Yitang’s expression was all on Fang Xiao. She could not help but pull him to remind him that she was still sitting beside him.

“whatever, ” Qiu Yitang said a little impatiently, then looked at the woman opposite him who didn’t even look at him He said lightly, “we’ll just leave this engagement ceremony to Miss Fang to plan. Actually, why do we have to worry about it ourselves? We just have to wait at home to be the bride and groom-to-be when we get married, isn’t that enough? “

When Fang Xiao Heard Qiu Yitang call her Miss Fang, she had no choice but to raise her head and look at Qiu Yitang With the same formalized politeness and enthusiasm, she said, “that’s fine too. If you two trust me, then choose a set meal that you’re satisfied with and pass the information on your relationship to mother Wang. I’ll try my best to plan an engagement ceremony that suits you based on your love, requirements, and even the romantic events that happened during your relationship. Of course, our wedding company will also try our best to give you the biggest surprise. Your satisfaction is our purpose. “

Fang Xiao’s words were extremely formulaic. She was speaking from the perspective of a dedicated employee of a wedding company. She had heard Ah Qing say this to many clients before. Of course, this was not the first time she had said it.

The reason why the wedding company was doing so well was because people were very busy these days. Very few people could personally participate in the wedding preparations. Usually, they would just hand it over to the wedding company Then, they would just wait to go directly to the wedding venue to perform.

Of course, du Caiwei was not happy. She did not know how much Fang Xiao hated her. If the wedding was left to her to plan, she might have some evil intentions against her?

She was not satisfied in her heart, but she could not show it on her face. So, she quickly said, “Aiyo, people say that comparing goods with goods is not a disadvantage. Yitang, why don’t we go to this life’s fate wedding company to take a look? Maybe… “

“Go where? It’s the same everywhere. ” Qiu Yitang became more and more irritated. He did not want to hear Du Caiwei continue to Nag He looked at Fang Xiao and said, “alright, I’ll leave this matter to you. 200,000 yuan will be fine. Just do as you see fit. I’ll send the deposit to you this afternoon. “

After Qiu Yitang said that, he stood up and walked out of the door. Du Caiwei was so angry that she stomped her feet behind him. “Yitang, the food we ordered will be here soon. You haven’t eaten yet? “

However, Qiu Yitang didn’t seem to hear Du Caiwei’s words. He directly walked downstairs. Du Caiwei stomped her feet in anger. She grabbed her bag and was about to chase after him, but she was stopped by Fang Xiao.

“I’m sorry, Miss Du. ” Fang Xiao looked at her She still spoke in an extremely polite and formal manner, “I don’t know if you have eaten the food you ordered, but I think you haven’t paid the bill yet. If you and Mr. Qiu have left, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for me to pay the bill, don’t you think so? “

After saying this, Fang Xiao looked at Du Caiwei, who was so angry that she was dumbfounded. She immediately turned around and headed downstairs. No matter what, she had to leave before Du Caiwei. They had to pay for their own expenses.