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Chapter 1814: Chapter 1814: We’re getting engaged


“I’m Lin siyu from the Baihe Wedding Company. I’ll be serving the two prospective newlyweds today. ” Fang Xiao stood at their dining table and began his opening speech politely and naturally. “May I know your name, Sir and Miss? “

Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei were also instantly stunned. Although Fang Xiao had introduced herself as Lin Siyu, both of them almost instantly recognized her.

Qiu Yitang frowned and looked at Fang Xiao who was standing in front of him. He remembered that she had a pair of bright eyes, and her eyesight was very good. It didn’t seem like she was nearsighted. Why did she wear glasses?

Was there a problem with her eyesight Or was her eyes sick?

Qiu Yitang was still puzzled Du Caiwei spoke very politely, “Oh, Miss Lin, my name is Du Caiwei, and this is my boyfriend, Qiu Yitang. We are preparing to get engaged next month. I want an extremely romantic engagement ceremony. I wonder if you have any good set meal introductions? “

The formal smile on Fang Xiao’s face was still very good. Even when she was standing in front of Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei, she tried her best to speak and act appropriately. She didn’t show the slightest bit of enmity with them, even though her heart was in turmoil It was as if someone had broken into the room. It was not empty, but a wolf borrowing.

Therefore, she sat down opposite the two of them and handed them the exquisite album-like set menu Her voice was extremely polite and formal as she said, “we have a lot of set meals. Of course, if the two of you are in a hurry, we also want to save trouble. I personally think that it is better to use a set meal. If you have time, you are not afraid of trouble. You can hold your wedding according to your own wishes. As long as it is found in this world, our wedding company will do our best to make the customers satisfied. “

Du Caiwei seemed to be very interested in Fang Xiao’s words. She flipped through the introduction of the set meal that Fang Xiao had given her just now Then she said with a little regret, “your set meal is not bad, but I don’t think the way the bride appears is very good. I want an extremely romantic engagement ceremony. Miss Lin, regarding the way the bride appears, do you have any better suggestions for me? “

Fang Xiao frowned slightly when she heard this, feeling extremely uncomfortable in her heart However, she still spoke with a formalized enthusiasm, “of course I do. For example, I’ll put Miss Du into a big balloon and put it in the air. Then, I’ll let Mr. Qiu shoot an Arrow to break the balloon. You’ll directly explode out of the balloon. This is both romantic and classic. The implication is cupid’s Arrow.”

Du Caiwei heard Fang Xiao’s suggestion and immediately snorted. However, she still did not show it on her face. Instead, she looked sideways at Qiu Yitang and asked, “Yitang, you must not be willing to use this method, right? If I fall from the air, will I hurt myself? “

Qiu Yitang said a little irritably, “alright, just choose a set meal according to the successful list. Then why bother? which set meal is not romantic? “

Du Caiwei did not expect Qiu Yitang to be so impatient, so she immediately showed an aggrieved face She said gently, “alright then, let’s choose this diamond set meal. Isn’t 200,000 yuan a little too expensive? We are engaged, not married. “

“Mr. Qiu, Miss Du, we don’t care if you’re engaged or getting married. In short, the procedures are pretty much the same, especially the flowers and the way to appear. It takes time to set up the venue, and the diamond-class package will be held at the Windsor Hotel in Huicheng. That night, we’ll even give you a top-class luxury honeymoon room. So, this discount is at most 99% off, and it can’t get any lower. “