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Chapter 1813: Chapter 1813 the customer was an old friend


Hence, ah Qing naturally called out to her, “siyu, don’t eat anymore. You can eat when you come back. Hurry up and go over. Don’t wait too long for the customer. Right now, fate of this world is competing with us for the customer. “

Fang Xiao did not say another word. She immediately put down the half-eaten fast food box, carried her bag on her back, and carried her own file bag. She immediately ran to the side of the road outside the door.

Normally, people who were not in a hurry could wait for a bus. For people who were in a hurry, they had to hail a taxi. Although there were only two or three stops, for the sake of this business deal, they could not care less about the travel expenses.

The old tree cafe was considered a high-end cafe in Huicheng. It was as famous as the famous classics Cafe and Hua Muxi Cafe.

Fang Xiao was wearing a decent business suit and a pair of plain glasses. Of course, the lenses still changed color. It was just that she could see the world outside the same as ordinary lenses. However, when people looked at her glasses, they could not see her eyes They could only see a dark blue patch.

When she first arrived at the Lily wedding company, her colleagues were a little curious about her glasses. However, after a long time, everyone was used to it, so no one talked about her glasses anymore.

She got out of the taxi and hurried to the old tree cafe, because Ah Hua at the front desk said that the other party was already waiting for her at the cafe.

Entering the old tree cafe was equivalent to entering an elegant environment. There was a melodious sound of the piano in the room. Even if Fang Xiao did not know much about music, she knew that this was a world-famous song.

Next to the stairs on the second floor was a large Banyan tree. Under the Banyan Tree was a pool of clear water. In the clear water, there were colorful goldfish. The fish were not big, nor were there many, but they just happened to be in pairs.

Fang Xiao looked at the note given to her by the front desk. On it was written the position at the corner of the window on the second floor, so she raised her feet and slowly walked up the curved stairs.

The light on the second floor was a little dim. It was a retro Italian pastoral style. Her eyes naturally looked towards the row of seats near the window, but she was instantly stunned because she shockingly found the seats in the corner near the window At this moment, there was du Caiwei and Qiu Yitang sitting there.

Fang Xiao had never thought that she would see Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei again, because they were no longer in the same circle as her. Even in the same city, in fact, the chances of meeting people from the upper class and the lower class were very rare.

Du Caiwei’s eyes were bright and beautiful, and no one could tell that she had been blind before. Her skin was also very delicate under the light because she had taken good care of it. The smile on her face could not hide her happiness.

If Fang Xiao had known that the guests today were Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei, she definitely would not have come. However, at this moment, she had already appeared in front of them. The most damnable thing was the transparent badge on her chest It showed the words “Baihe Wedding Company” .

It was already too late to hide. It would be even more hypocritical to run away. Moreover, she already had nothing to do with them, so what was there to run away from?

Moreover, she was now Lin Siyu, a woman who had never known Qiu Yitang. A woman who had never known Du Caiwei, in front of them, she was merely a staff member of the wedding company.

Therefore, in a short moment, her heart had already gone through a thousand twists and turns. When she stood in front of Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei with a formulaic smile, she had already forgotten her identity as Fang Xiao.