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Chapter 1812: Chapter 1812 watching a movie


“Work is good, but there are some things… ” Liu Yijun smiled bitterly Then she sighed deeply and said, “maybe it’s not his fault. It’s my own wishful thinking. In this world, Cinderella was never used, let alone a princess like you who has such a rough fate. “

Fang Xiao immediately stopped talking. She knew very little about Liu Yijun’s feelings. Luo Qili had once told her that Liu Yijun liked her boss, and her boss liked her too However, the young deputy general managers of companies under the Oriental Group like Sun Department Store were probably rich second-generation hedonists. How many of them were sincere?

Fang Xiao woke up late this morning, so she was late for work. This was the first time she was late since she started working at Baihe Wedding Company.

Last night, she had dinner with Liu Yijun. She had planned to go home, but Liu Yijun said it was still early. Why don’t we go watch a movie? It had been a long time since she had seen a movie.

Fang Xiao agreed after thinking for a while. It had been a long time since she had seen a movie. Most importantly, Liu Yijun was obviously in a bad mood. Liu Yijun had given her a lot of help, and now she was in a bad mood It was only right for her to accompany her to watch a movie.

In fact, it was when the golden armor was in full swing. The big cinemas in Hui city could see the full golden milk. Fang Xiao asked Liu Yijun if she wanted to watch the golden armor, but Liu Yijun said she wanted to watch “hurt city. “.

Fortunately, there were cinemas in “hurt city, ” so Fang Xiao went to buy two movie tickets. Then, she and Liu Yijun walked into the small cinema in Hui city.

The movie was very smooth. Suspense, love, the culprit, the police, and so on were intertwined. It was fascinating, and people unknowingly spent a hundred minutes.

After the movie ended, Fang Xiao and Liu Yijun walked out of the theater together. Although the ticket price was not cheap, they both felt that the movie was worth it. At least, they would not regret watching it.

“I didn’t expect Liang Chaowei to die, ” Liu Yijun sighed, her voice a little hoarse.

“I didn’t talk about it either, ” Fang Xiao looked at the gray sky and said in a low voice, “I didn’t expect him to love each other so much. “

At the end of the movie, Xu Jinglei’s wife, Jin Shuzhen, looked at her husband. There was no need to blame her. Instead, she said in a heart-rending tone, “you didn’t love me… “

At that moment, Fang Xiao’s heart and her body were trembling. A person who loved her wholeheartedly finally realized that he didn’t love her. She had deeply experienced the gray despair.

After returning to the dormitory last night, she didn’t sleep well. Her mind was filled with Jin Shuzhen’s words and Liang Chaowei’s husband’s final reward, the bullet that shot into her glabella.

She was late. Fortunately, the boss had not arrived yet. Her boss, ah Qing, only said a few words to her lightly, probably to try not to be late. Then he told her that he had already punched her time card, and that it would not happen again.

Because she did not have breakfast in the morning, she ordered takeout at 11:30 pm. She had just eaten less than half when the phone rang. It was the front desk ah Hua who picked it up. She said that a girl had called and wanted to hold a wedding. They were waiting at the old tree cafe She asked the salesperson to go over and talk to her.

This type of person who didn’t specifically ask a salesperson to go over usually took turns. Fang Xiao was on leave yesterday, so today’s first order was her turn.