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Chapter 1811: Chapter 1811 relying on her brother


Back at the company, since her colleagues were busy with the luxurious wedding tomorrow, she and the accountant were the only two people in the company. They sat down to drink some water, then picked up the phone and ordered a fast food from a nearby restaurant.

When the phone rang, she was in the bathroom to go to the bathroom. The accountant answered the phone, and when she came out.. The accountant handed her a note. “This is the address of a client who just called to meet them. They said they are free at noon and asked you to hurry over. They still have to work in the afternoon. “

Working at a wedding company did not have Saturdays and Sundays. Because the more holidays there were, the more people would get married. Therefore, Fang Xiao usually had almost no holidays and only had one day off every month.

It was not easy to find a day off, but it was not Saturday or Sunday. Fang Chen had classes, so she could not take him out during the day. She could only wait for him to finish school in the afternoon before she could pick him up.

She had originally made an appointment with Luo Qili to pick up Fang Chen at the gate of the special school at five o’clock sharp. However, when she arrived at the gate of the special school in the afternoon, Luo Qili informed her that Fang Chen had physical training at night, and the basketball teacher had taken a leave of absence two days ago That was why he had specially come to make up for lessons tonight. Fang Chen especially liked to play basketball, so he refused to rest tonight and wanted to practice playing basketball with the teacher.

Fang Chen liked to play basketball. He was already 175 years tall a year ago and was only 14 years old. In the past six months, he had grown taller again because of practicing basketball. The last time Fang Xiao came over, she found that he had grown a lot taller. She asked Luo Qili and found out that he was actually 178 years old.

Fang Chen had to play basketball at night and could not take him out to play. Luo Qili said that Fang Chen’s IQ had stopped developing, so it was not reliable to let him study. It would be better to let him study sports. Perhaps, like forrest gump, he would be able to achieve something in the end.

Therefore, Fang Xiao only met her younger brother for a few minutes. Fang Chen was very excited because he could practice basketball at night, and also felt sad because he couldn’t accompany his sister. Therefore, his face flushed red and he kept apologizing to Fang Xiao.

The sister and brother had always been on good terms, especially after they lived together in the detention center. Fang Chen became more and more dependent on Fang Xiao, so he couldn’t help but act coquettishly when he saw her. A 178-year-old boy acted like a four-or five-year-old boy when he acted coquettishly Fang Xiao couldn’t help but feel pity for him.

Fang Chen wanted to have dinner with Luo Qili, so Fang Xiao said goodbye and was about to leave. Coincidentally, Liu Yijun came to look for Luo Qili, and Luo Qili didn’t have time, so she said to Fang Xiao, “then you should entertain my cousin. I’ll help you take care of your brother. “

Fang Xiao smiled. She had interacted with Liu Yijun a few times, and now they were familiar with each other. Therefore, she invited Liu Yijun to dinner and asked her where she wanted to play, saying that she would take her there.

Liu Yijun immediately smiled and said, “I’m very familiar with Huicheng. As for dinner, I’ll treat you. You just changed your job. You can treat me when you receive your salary. “

Fang Xiao was a little embarrassed because Luo Qili and Liu Yijun were always taking care of her. However, Liu Yijun insisted on not letting Fang Xiao treat her. In the end, she had no choice but to let her go.

“I might have to return to Huicheng to look for a job, ” Liu Yijun said to Fang Xiao while eating.

“Yeah. ” Fang Xiao was obviously stunned. She stopped the chopsticks in her hand and looked up at Liu Yijun. “Why? Isn’t your job at Sun Department Store Pretty Good? “