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Chapter 1810: Chapter 1810 the wedding was just for show


First, greet the client with a smile. Being proactive and enthusiastic was a necessary requirement. Second, talk to the client in a polite and gentle manner, asking if the client wanted to get engaged or get married. Finally, of course, it was to the client. …

Fang Xiao had yet to remember the last part when a shadow cast over the dining table. She quickly looked up and saw a slender young man with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses standing by her dining table, looking at her with a smile.

Fang Xiao immediately stood up, not forgetting her work temperament and procedures She greeted the young man with a polite smile. “Hello, sir. I’m Xiao Lin, a salesperson from Baihe Wedding Company. I’ll be receiving you today. May I know your name, sir? ” After greeting the man, Fang Xiao looked behind him She had not been able to find his girlfriend and could not help but be stunned. Usually, when they came to talk about weddings or engagement weddings, they would come in pairs. Why was there only one person here The moment Fang Xiao shook his hand, a bad premonition immediately welled up in her heart. Today’s business deal was probably not going to be successful, because Ah Qing had once said that when a person came to discuss a wedding with you, the success rate was mostly very low.

“My surname is Huang, my name is Huang Haoran. ” The man appeared to be extremely polite and gentlemanly. After shaking hands with Fang Xiao, he sat down Then, he politely handed her a leather envelope. “This is our information. Xiao Lan can’t come today because she has something to do, but it doesn’t matter. We can have a simple chat first. “

Fang Xiao nodded immediately. Then, she opened the envelope with her hand and took out the information inside.

The groom-to-be was called Huang Haoran, Huang Jinxiao Kai. His family background was middle-class, and the bride-to-be was called Chen Xiaolan. She was from a well-off family and had graduated from a famous university in a foreign country. She could be considered to have come back with a layer of gold.

After siyu finished reading the information he handed her, Huang Haoran smiled and looked at her. His voice was mellow and slightly magnetic. “Xiaolan studied literature since she was young. She likes poetic things. She said she wants a princess-like wedding. “

Fang Xiao could not help but laugh when she heard this. In this world, if any animal called a woman had the chance to get married, and it was with the person they loved, who would not want a princess-like wedding?

But the key was, after a princess-like wedding, would there be a happy marriage like a princess And would this marriage last Did this really need to be a question mark?

She briefly discussed with Huang Haoran about the packages available at the wedding celebration company. Of course, in line with the principle of making money first, siyu first recommended a diamond-level package to him, saying that although the price was a little more expensive.. However, a person like Mr. Huang did not care about that little bit of money. The main thing was to give himself and his future wife an unforgettable wedding.

Huang Haoran said that the wedding matters still had to wait for his girlfriend, Xiaolan, to decide. When the time came, he might not use the package. Of course, money was not a problem. The main purpose of the wedding was to make Xiaolan happy, as long as she felt happy.

On the way back to the wedding company, Fang Xiao Thought of Huang Haoran’s words and thought it was funny. Could a wedding make people feel happy In fact, a wedding was just an interpretation for people to see. Whether one was happy or not, the most important thing was the married life after the wedding.