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Chapter 1809: Chapter 1809 work at a wedding company


The lobby of Baihe Wedding Company was decorated like a wedding hall. Anyone who walked in would feel jubilant. However, their office was on the second floor because the first floor was mainly a showroom and reception hall.

Because Fang Xiao was a newcomer, in fact, it should be said that Lin siyu was a newcomer here, so when she went, she followed an old employee. This old employee was called Liu Xiaoqin, and everyone called her ah Qing.

In the blink of an eye, Fang Xiao had been working at a wedding company for a month. During this half a month, ah Qing had been bringing her along and telling her some of the key points of the wedding company and how to capture customers.

Of course, during this month, Fang Xiao had followed ah Qing to meet two pairs of clients. Both of them were young people in their twenties. They were preparing to get married. As they were salaried workers, they had directly chosen the discounted package.

Ah Qing said to her, “Siyu, the Commission for the normal package is relatively low because the total price of the package is low and the cost is not very low. However, the package is easy to sell. Many people, especially those with limited time, will choose the package service. Of course, the Commission for the deluxe package is also acceptable. “

In the beginning, when Ah Qing or other colleagues called her Siyu, she always had to wait for a while before she could react. Gradually, as time passed, everyone called her ‘siyu’ and ‘siyu’ . Gradually, she had almost forgotten her own name.

As Fang Xiao came in May, her luck was not bad in the first month. She actually received two orders under AH Qing’s lead. One of them was not for the set meal, so the commission was still barely decent.

Of course, she knew that this was not her credit. In fact, it was mostly ah Qing’s function because she had never met a client alone. When she went to meet a client with AH Qing, she usually took a statement while Ah Qing talked to the client about various details.

That morning, a client called. Ah Qing was still answering other calls, so siyu picked it up. It was a client who wanted to hold a wedding. He said that his requirements were very high, so he asked her to go over and discuss it in detail.

“Siyu, you can go and talk about this case yourself. ” After ah Qing heard her message, she directly said to her, “I have a lot of things to do today because a new couple is getting engaged tomorrow. Today, my colleagues have all gone over to help set up the scene. Just now, they called and said that the Hawaiian fire crane flower that the new couple will use tomorrow has arrived. The boss told me to hurry over. The Flower is very expensive, so I can’t lose anything. “. “…”

After giving her instructions, ah Qing left in a hurry. Fang Xiao knew that the newlywed who was going to get engaged the next day was from a wealthy family. In fact, he was the son of the owner of Huicheng’s largest supermarket chain. Just the cost of this engagement alone was more than 100,000 yuan for the wedding company Therefore, the wedding company was all nervous and did not dare to make any mistakes because wealthy families could not afford to offend them.

As for the phone call that Fang Xiao had just received, it was from a client whom she had never met before. She did not know what door it was, so she, who had just arrived at the company for less than a month, was sent to receive the newlywed.

Although Fang Xiao had been working at the wedding company for almost a month and had met the client a few times by AH Qing’s side, this was the first time she had met the client alone, so she was particularly nervous. As she sat on the Sofa in the coffee shop, waiting for the client.. Her Palms were sweating.

She was still a little worried. She was always worried that she would not be able to handle it later. Therefore, before the client arrived, she took out the workflow schedule that Ah Qing had told her that she usually recorded and looked at it. Then, she silently memorized some important points in her heart