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Chapter 1808: Chapter 1808 working at a wedding company


Fang Xiao was both angry and anxious. She did not expect Dongfang Yunheng to be so overbearing, so she immediately struggled with all her might. However, because she twisted her head, her glasses fell to the ground. Then, her unrotating, lusterless eyes.. The eyes that were similar to the eyes of a dead fish appeared in his sight without reservation.

But even so, Dongfang Yunheng would not let her go. Therefore, she was exasperated and could not help but kick him. However, he was not afraid of pain, and she was not wearing high heels, so he did not seem to feel any pain when she kicked his leg.

So, Fang Xiao was finally angry and anxious. When he was pressing down on her, she lifted her hand and threw it at his face without hesitation. “PA! ” The crisp sound of a slap echoed under the dragon eye tree outside the dormitory building. She immediately stopped Kissing Dongfang Yunheng and was stunned.

Fang Xiao took advantage of the moment when he was stunned and quickly broke away from his embrace. She bent down to pick up her glasses that she had dropped on the ground, and then quickly ran to her dormitory building.

Fang Xiao had directly resigned from her boss after she went to work this afternoon. She found a reason why her younger brother did not have anyone to take care of him in school and needed her to work near the school. She asked the boss to understand her.

Because Fang Xiao was introduced by the school teacher, the boss had already known about Fang Xiao’s situation before he came. Now that he heard Fang Xiao say this, he did not doubt him. He only said that he was very regretful. She had originally done very well, so she was also assured of her He had thought that this stall would be completely handed over to her to manage in the future, but he did not expect her to leave again.

According to the rules, if she left in such a hurry, she would have to deduct her pay. However, because of Fang Xiao’s special situation and because she was introduced by an acquaintance, the boss did not deduct a single cent of her pay in the end He gave her the rest of her pay and let her leave.

Fang Xiao worked overnight to manage the dormitory building at the western district beach because she did not know if Dongfang Yunheng would go crazy again. What if he came again in a day or two?

Of course, she moved to a special school and lived in Luo Qili’s dormitory. She told Luo Qili that she was going to work at the Baihe Wedding Company because she called in the afternoon and the boss of the company agreed to let her go to work.

However, Fang Xiao did not want to use her name anymore because if Dongfang Yunheng wanted to look for her again, he would definitely find out where she worked very quickly. Therefore, she wanted to change her name.

Therefore, Luo Qili lent her cousin’s identity card in the countryside. She said that her cousin had gone abroad and was wearing glasses. Her face was also thin and her skin was a little tanned. She was similar to the current Fang Xiao, so she decided to use this name.

Therefore, the next day, Fang Xiao took Luo Qili’s cousin’s ID card and went over. In fact, the boss of Baihe Company knew who she was. After all, Huicheng was not big, and Fang Xiao had once appeared in the newspapers because of sex. Most importantly, she used to be Qiu Yitang’s wife.

Fortunately, the boss of Baihe Company was a good person. When he heard Fang Xiao say that he needed to change his company’s name to Lin Siyu, he did not have any objections. He even said very considerately, “alright then, I will give you cash for your salary in the future. ” This way, it would also prevent you from using someone else’s ID card to open an account at the bank. In the future, it would be troublesome to withdraw money.

Therefore, Fang Xiao settled down at Baihe Wedding Company. From now on, she would be called Lin siyu. There were about ten colleagues at the wedding company. Perhaps it was because she wore glasses, or perhaps it was because she changed her name. In short.. No one connected her with the female lead, Fang Xiao.